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rodentBLOCK Garage Door Replacement Kit With Xcluder

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Rodents are a common problem for people with garages at home or their place of business. North Shore Commercial Door understands the concerns that pests like rats and mice cause. In order to prevent these problems from escalating, we offer rodentBLOCK Garage Door Bottom Seal Kits With Xcluder®. Now you do not have to worry if the seal will fit into the retainer on your door. We made these kits so the Xcluder seal can be installed on any garage door.

Benefits of this product include:
  • Xcluder® Door Bottom Seals is compatible with any brand garage door.
  • The aluminum retainer comes in different widths so you can match it to your doors bottom edge.
  • The Kits are sold in a standard 9' Kit or 18' kit.
  • Durable seals are almost impossible for the rodents to penetrate.
  • 9' Kit Includes 2ea 4'6" sections of Retainer and one 9' roll of Xcluder® Seal & mounting screws
  • 18' Kit Includes 4ea 4'6" Sections of Retainer and one 18' roll of Xcluder® Seal & mounting screws
  • Seal is 4 inches in width laid flat
  • A13XT-09-A - 1-3/8 inch Retainer 9 Foot Door Kit
  • A18XT-09-A - 1-3/4 inch Retainer 9 Foot Door Kit
  • A20XT-09-A - 2 inch Retainer 9 Foot Door Kit
  • A13XT-18-A - 1-3/8 inch Retainer 18 Foot Door Kit
  • A18XT-18-A - 1-3/4 inch Retainer 18 Foot Door Kit
  • A20XT-18-A - 2 inch Retainer 18 Foot Door Kit

We know that garage doors are not all the same thickness. In an effort to help you order the best kit for your application we have designed our kits to be used on doors of various thicknesses and widths. We offer 3 different thickness of retainers 1-3/8", 1-3/4", and 2". Then we break it down even further by offering single door kits which consist of enough retainer and seal to do a door up to 9' in width or a double door kit that will cover a door up to 18' in width. If your door is not exactly the size of our kits they can easily be cut down to the size you need. The retainer can be cut with a handsaw and the seal portion can be cut with house hold scissors if needed.

rodentBLOCK Garage Door Replacement Kit With Xcluder Size Examples

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