ZAP Commercial Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

North Shore Commercial Door offers a wide selection of ZAP garage door openers. Whichever model you choose, whether it's a jackshaft garage-door opener or a roll-up door opener, ZAP provides dependability and innovation for the operation of your commercial garage doors. We offer most of the Series 3 lineup, including commercial jackshaft, garage door, steel-sheet door and roll-up sheet door openers. ZAP garage door openers offer such benefits as industrial grade bearings and automotive grade V-belts, simple service design, heavy-duty 8-gauge electroplated steel frames and aluminum drive pulleys. They also feature a self-determining limit system which responds to debris, ice and snow in the door opening. Some models include radio control and external receiver terminals, with the terminal strip provided inside the controller to provide convenient connections for adding external radio controls from any manufacturer. Some models offer the Automatic Obstruction Sensing System, an auto-close timer, partial-stop programming and a built-in interlock system to prevent door operation. All models have a standard 3-button control panel which can be mounted up to 24 feet away from the opener.