ZAP Garage Door Remotes and Receivers

North Shore Commercial Door offers a full line of ZAP radio controls for commercial garage door openers. Our inventory includes their Model 871 External Radio and Accessory Interface Module, along with a wide range of remotes. For controlling up to 4 garage-door openers, we offer their Model 4113 Transmitter, a 4-button, keychain mini remote; and for controlling up to 6 doors, we offer their Model 4305A, which is a 6-button, hand-held remote. We also offer ZAP's 2-button remote with LED indicator lights.

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Their Model 850 Bleeper plugs into the circuit board of any remote controller and sounds a beep whenever an "open" or "close" command is transmitted. ZAP's 2414 external antenna can be mounted on the outside of a building and picks up signals sent to their Model 840 receiver from ZAP remote controls. Their 2416 internal antenna plugs into the 840 itself. We also stock ZAP's Model 4504-66 remote control for forklifts. This 4-button, weather-resistant remote controller is hard-wired directly to the forklift's battery and allows forklift operators to control up to 4 doors.