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Action Industries

Action Industries

Action Industries designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products for the garage door industry including weather seals, door hardware, accessories, fasteners, brush seals and brush seal kits, aluminum retainers, dock kits, cable products and RodentBLOCK Door Seals. Engineers at Action are highly qualified and experienced in designing products and equipment to complete any project. Their new development team produces innovative products at economical prices, bringing unique solutions to life. Action Industries is dedicated to re-energizing the garage door industry with new products, new ideas, and unparalleled service.

Action Industries is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio with warehouse and shipping facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, Tempe, Arizona, and in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin region. The company has enjoyed continued growth over the years and is now offering more products than ever. North Shore Commercial Door proudly carries Action Industries complete inventory. If you can't find the product you are looking for, our friendly staff is here to help. Reach out with your questions by phone at 1-800-783-6112 or via direct chat, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Eastern time. Send questions anytime via e-mail to

Action Industries

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which weather seal is right for my garage?

Action Industries makes flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride) flap garage door bottom seals, EPDM rubber flap seals, foam seals and brush seals. Value-priced PVC flap seals are flexible, one-piece seals that you can install on garage door bottom plastic or aluminum retainers.

Action Industries garage door rubber weather seals will withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -60 degrees to 200-plus degrees Fahrenheit. They can be installed on aluminum retainers.

Versatile brush seals help stop costly damage from the elements and pests. Our Action Industries FlexBrush coiled brush seal is ideal for longer-length garage door bottoms. Purchase by the foot in standard or extra-wide widths.

How do I fix the seal on my garage door?

If you notice a wavy or wrinkled appearance after installing your Action Industries garage door bottom seal onto an aluminum retainer, simply crimp one end, pull tight and then crimp the other end. The result will be an even, more professional looking seal.

If you have uneven concrete in your garage, you can close the gap by installing an Action Industries Storm Shield threshold. Use it with vinyl or rubber garage door bottom seals. The Storm Shield 2 garage door floor threshold by Action Industries is an easy-installation peel-and-stick version.

If you notice a gap (as in, light appearing between the seal and floor) on your commercial T-bottom seal, add a brush seal to seal the gap. For other fixes, see our downloadable Action Industries product manuals or the free installation guides that come with your order.

How do I install a seal for my garage door?

Most garage door bottom weather seals are made to slide into place on aluminum retainers or nail into place on other retainers. For example, with T-bottom seals, first install an aluminum bottom seal retainer. Then, simply slide the seal into place. Action Industries FlexBrush seals are ideal for installing on pre-existing retainers.

At North Shore Commercial Door, we have a collection of free Action Industries product manuals that offer step-by-step installation guides for vinyl, rubber and brush garage door bottom weather seals. Find downloadable installation manuals for commercial dock leveler seals, foam seals and passage door bottom weather seals by Action Industries.