Brush Seal Kits

North Shore Commercial Door carries the Action Industries brush seal kits you need for commercial and residential garage doors alike!

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We have easy-installation Action brush seal garage door kits in many sizes that are designed to protect the sides and top of your garage door from rain, snow, dirt, debris, pests, and other contaminants.

All Action Industries brush seal kits are made with the company's premium flexible polypropylene (Flex Brush) bristles, which are forced directly into the retainer spine. The tight seal created by the densely packed brush filaments is why brush seal garage door weather seals are the go-to choice for food processing plants and other facilities requiring maximum protection against outside contaminants.

Pre-Cut, Pre-Installed Brush Seal Kits

North Shore's residential and commercial garage door brush weather seal kits by Action Industries come with pre-cut sections of Flex Brush seals pre-installed on each durable pre-punched aluminum retainer. No drilling is required. Simply use the self-tapping fasteners included with each kit. When you place your order, you choose the size, bristle length, and retainer style.

Flexible brush-seal garage door weatherstripping is the preferred choice for commercial garage doors. For residential garage doors, some customers also prefer brush seal styles over vinyl garage door opener seals. Use North Shore's free report on brush vs. vinyl garage door seals to help you determine if brush seals are best for your residential garage door.

Customizable Brush Seals and Retainers

Use our drop-down menus to customize your brush seal kit's retainer and bristle lengths to close gaps on your business or home garage door. Bristle lengths range from 1 in. to 3 in. for standard retainers. Standard brush seal kits include retainers designed to fit #4 channel sizes.

Our economy-priced Action Industries Slim-Line brush seal kits have smaller, thinner aluminum retainers designed to fit doors with #2.5 channels. Our standard and Slim-Line garage door brush seals are available in 90-degree (straight) angle styles and 45-degree angles. Bristle brush sizes range from 1/2 in. to 3 in.

We carry a full line of Action Industries garage door seals, garage door hardware, commercial dock kits, and garage door accessories.

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