How to Change the Speed Setting for a Genie 140V DC Motor?

How to Change the Speed Setting for a Genie 140V DC Motor

The Genie Company’s 140 Volt DC motor is included with a variety of garage door opener models, and if you have one you may find yourself needing to adjust its speed. North Shore has been in the business for decades, so you can trust our handy guide for changing the speed setting of your Genie 140V DC Motor below!

Is the Genie Company a Good Brand?

Genie is a well-known garage door manufacturer that has been in the business for decades. The company is an industry leader in innovative technology, from creating the first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener in the 50s, to the smart home technology the company continues to improve upon today and everything in between. If you’re interested in purchasing a Genie operator or are curious about how your current model ranks among others, you can check out our Genie Garage Door Openers Comparison Guide Chart!

What is a Genie 140V DC motor? 

The 140 Volt DC motor can operate nearly any homeowner’s residential garage door that is up to 7 feet high from the box, or up to 8 feet with an extension kit, which is sold separately. Genie’s 140V DC motor provides a powerful and quiet performance. It has a superior design and the convenience of being smart connected for all of your garage door opening needs. 

What are the Speed Settings?  

The speed settings of the Genie 140V DC motor are pre-programmed at the factory to have maximum speed. Travel speed for the opener can be adjusted to a slower speed in both the Open and Close directions to minimize wear on heavier sectional doors. 

There are three-speed settings available for the 140 Volt DC motor. However, the speed may be affected by your door’s weight, balance, door components, and tracks. Please note that speed adjustment doesn't exist for the Genie model 3024 and one-piece doors will have a slower speed.

To Change Opener Speed Setting:

To change the speed settings of the motor:

  1. Press and hold the SET/PRGM button on the opener for 10 seconds until both LEDs turn BLUE, then release. 
  2. Press the UP button twice. 
  3. Press the PRGM button once. 
  4. The Open speed will now be displayed. The current setting displays RED = High. 
  5. Press the DOWN button one or two times to adjust the UP speed. PURPLE = Medium and Blue = Low. 
  6. Press the PGRM button once to lock in the selected setting. The Close speed is also displayed.
  7. Press the DOWN button one or two times to adjust the Close speed. PURPLE = Medium and Blue = Low.
  8. Press the PGRM button once to lock in the selected setting. Both LEDs will flash blue to confirm.
  9. The opener is now ready to set limits followed by one full cycle for force profiling.

Go Further with Genie!

Once your Genie 140V DC Motor is set to your ideal speed, be sure to take your garage to greater heights by shopping Genie’s array of garage accessoriesAlso, stay on top of any potential garage issues by reading our Guide to Garage Door Maintenance!

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