Introducing LiftMaster’s New MAXUM Series Commercial Operators

Introducing LiftMaster’s New MAXUM Series of Commercial  Operators

It’s time to raise your commercial operations to greater heights with LiftMaster’s new MAXUM door operators for commercial applications! This new generation puts versatility and function first with sleek, purpose-built designs that are easier to install and service than prior models. Below you’ll find our expert analysis on the new features of the JDC Jackshaft, JHDC Hoist and TDC Trolley rolling out in early 2024.


  1. Introducing LiftMaster’s New MAXUM Series of Commercial Operators
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  4. What are MAXUM Operators' Key Features & Specifications?
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What are LiftMaster’s New MAXUM Lineup of Commercial Operators?

Always at the cutting edge of the garage door and access point industry, LiftMaster's next generation of commercial operators are designed with the installer and end user in mind. Aside from the new sleek design; they are lighter, easier to install and easier to service. Boasting unparalleled efficiency and sophistication, these new generation of operators is poised to take commercial facilities towards a more intelligent future.

LiftMaster purposely reduced the number of commercial operator SKUs to simplify logistics. This doesn't mean that the customization of each operator is gone as well. Now each operator requires the purchase of a specialized kit that allows it to be customized to each unique application where it is installed. For the jackshaft based JDC and JHDC operator they require a Sprocket Kit depending on the door that it is being installed on. There is a separate Sprocket Kit for Rolling Steel Doors and Sectional Doors.

For the Trolley Operator (TDC) there is a specialize Track and Chain Kit that needs to be purchased for proper installation. The kits depend on the size of the operator. For door weighting 700 pounds or less the TDC7 operator is used, which requires the TDC7-RAILS kits. For doors weighting 1200 pounds or less the TDC12 operator is applied and TDC12-RAILS. The same rails for TDC12 can also be used for door weighing over 2200 pounds using the TDC22 operator.

LiftMaster's three commercial operators offering: 

1. JDC Jackshaft

This next-generation standard duty Jackshaft (non-hoisted) MAXUM DC operator supports sectional or rolling doors of up to 700 lbs in NEMA 1 applications. Jackshaft operators like the JDC are preferred over trolleys in applications where the overhead space is at a premium. It is also battery backup capable.

2. JHDC Hoist

Unlike the JDC Jackshaft, the JHDC is hoisted. It operates as a standard or extended-duty Jackshaft DC operator and supports sectional and rolling doors that weigh up to 2200 lbs in NEMA 1 or NEMA 4X applications. JHDC operators include a hand chain hoist for manual door movement and are battery backup capable. 

3. TDC Trolley

The last operator rolling out in early 2024 from LiftMaster’s next generation is the standard or extended duty TDC operator. It supports standard-lift sectional doors up to 2200 lbs in NEMA 1 or NEMA 4X applications and is also battery backup capable. 

What Does LiftMaster’s MAXUM Commercial Door Operators Offer?

All operators within the innovative MAXUM generation boast a smooth start and stop operation that extends the life of the operator and door hardware. Their optional battery backup capabilities mean that operation can continue during a power outage—a crucial feature in commercial settings that adhere to strict schedules. 

Each operator boasts a floor-level wall control 4-line LCD display that brings programming, troubleshooting, and diagnostics down to your level to save you time and money. Wave goodbye to confusing LED flashes and embrace real-time alerts and relevant information through the operators’ smart control panel for advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting. The Control Board is designed to have everything at your fingertips, with the new push-and-play and color-coded terminals designed with you in mind for easy identification of all your wiring needs.

LiftMaster’s new generation of operators has also lightened the load to make installation easier! The new 700 Jackshaft garage door opener and Hoist operator are 30 lbs. lighter than the 1/2 HP Logic 5.0 operator of the previous generation. MAXUM operators also have 3 monitored entrapment protection inputs and high-efficiency motors and gearboxes for your convenience. 

In addition, LiftMaster commercial door operators are UL® Listed and listed to ANSI/CAN/UL325 standards for the USA and Canada and are certified to NOM/IFETEL standards for Mexico. MAXUM operators also have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, and with LiftMaster’s myQ technology, you can see what is happening at your door and control it from your web browser.

For a more in-depth look at extra accessories and maximum door weight requirements, read our  MAXUM Buyers Guide here.

What are MAXUM Operators' Key Features & Specifications?

JHDC Hoist Operator Key Features 

If you own a sectional door (standard lift, high lift, and full vertical) or any rolling steel doors/grilles, the JHDC Hoist Operator is a solid operator choice. With a rated duty cycle standard of up to 20 cycles per hour and 90 cycles per day as well as extended duty capabilities of up to 30 cycles per hour and 150 cycles per day, it’s great for busy commercial environments. A manual hoist is required for both the standard duty and extended duty cycles. The operator’s speed averages 12" per second on sectional doors and 8-9" per second on rolling steel doors so you aren’t waiting around for to long for the door to finish its cycle.

For your convenience, you can use the floor level wall controller with its LCD display to program and commission the door. The operator uses a DC Logic Circuit Board. The emergency disconnect for manual operation comes in the form of the operator’s engage rope (green) and a disengage rope (red) with a manual hoist to disable the operator controls electrically. The emergency disconnect with auto-reconnect also includes an engage rope (green) and a disengage rope (red) with a manual hoist to disable the operator controls electrically. You can pull the engage (green) rope to operate the door again electrically. You can also program a timer to close the door through the menu on the wall controller. The option is available in B2 Mode with two settings.

The JHDC operator is built with an industrial-grade design. Its plastic E-Box is rigid and flexible and it has integrated hinge snap features and a durable metal chassis frame. Without a heater, the temperature is -4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C). With a heater (HTR) the temperature ranges from -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C). 

When purchased, the carton will include the operator, CPS-U (NEMA 4X units include CPS-UN4), DCWALLCTL, mounting hardware, antenna, and 25 ft. of hoist chain (additional chain can be purchased separately). Door sprockets are available but sold separately.


  • Operator for 700 pound doors / 9.772” W x 19.1” H x 12.1” D 
  • Operator for 1200 pound doors / 9.772” W x 19.5” H x 12.1” D 
  • Operator 2200 pound doors / will be released in 2025
  • Floor Level Wall Controller: 3.586” W x 8.166” H x 1.732” D