Chamberlain Installation Parts - Safety Sensor Equipped Units

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Our illustrated guides to the parts in your safety sensor-equipped Chamberlain garage door opener make cost-saving DIY replacements and upgrades fast and easy. Just click on the number next to the illustrated part to see a product description, compatibility information and price to repair your Chamberlain safety sensors or their mounting brackets. Or, scroll down to our list of parts.

Because safety sensors are designed to prevent your garage door from closing on a person or object, you want to keep your door opener that's equipped with these sensors in top working order. Besides, most remotes are designed to stop working when garage door operator safety sensors fail. Rather than replacing the entire garage door unit, replace the faulty parts with our Chamberlain-compatible LiftMaster replacement safety beam kits and safety sensor brackets. We have safety sensor mounting kits and more. Once you're ready to start your DIY repairs or upgrades, you can also contact our customer support staff for guidance along the way.