Decko Model 24000-DKO Opener Assembly Parts

For easier DIY repairs of your Decko model 24000-DKO garage door opener, rely on our illustrated parts guides and back-up tech support from North Shore Commercial Door. These diagrams show what your parts look like and reveal its part number, in case you don't already know the part number. When you hold your mouse over the part, you will see the part number. Use our parts charts to click on the part number you need. This will direct you to a page that includes a description, compatibility information, installation information and price.

We have gear and sprocket assembly kits for your 1/2-horsepower chain driven 24000-DKO Decko garage door opener. We have replacement sprocket covers that sit on top of the gear and sprocket assembly. Those inexpensive sprocket covers are crucial, because they prevent dust, debris and other materials from damaging your sprocket. If your logic (circuit) board wears out or is damaged by a power surge during a storm, we have a cheap replacement circuit board that's designed specifically for your 24000-DKO garage door operator by Decko.

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Key Part # Description
1 24935 Decko 24935 Sprocket Cover
2 24934 Decko Xtreme Garage Door Gear and Sprocket Kit 24934
3 * Chassis
4 * Lamp plate
5 24905 Decko 24905 Lamp Dome
6 * Capacitor
7 * Capacitor holder
8 * Motor assembly
9 24963 Decko 24963 RPM wheel
10 * Logic Board holder
11 24931 Decko 24931 Logic Board
12 * Limit system driving gear
13 24936 Decko 24936 Limit system assembly
14 24937 Decko 24937 Opener cover
  * Should be replaced by qualified technician only