Digi-Code Model CR2149 Universal Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Sensor

Self-programming, sunlight/UV-filtering-broadcast replacement sensors keep garage entryway people-and-pet safe, come with mounting hardware, and are DIY-friendly

Digi-Code Model CR2149 Universal Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Sensor

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Item# CR2149
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Digi-Code Model CR2149 Universal Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Sensor
Digi-Code Model CR2149 Universal Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Sensor
Product Description

The Digi-Code CR2149 universal sensor beam from North Shore Commercial Door works with almost all major garage door opener brands, including Stanley, Linear, Chamberlain and LiftMaster. Digi-Code's CR2149 sensor is compatible with Moore-O-Matic, Raynor, Genie and post-1995 Overhead Door brands. These Digi-Code universal sensors are self-programming, which means all the installer has to do is hook the beams up to the existing wiring and mount the units to the wall. Because the beams are non-polarized, it's impossible to hook them up backwards. These affordably priced sensor beams offer superior filtering from sunlight, too. The CR2149 kit includes one sender and one receiver module, two mounting brackets, four wood screws and easy-to-follow instructions.

Product Highlights:

  • Item # CR2149
  • Kit includes sender, receiver module, two mounting brackets, four wood screws, instructions
  • Works with most major garage door openers brands, including Stanley, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Linear, Moore-O-Matic, Raynor, Overhead Door (1995 and later)
  • Non-polarized beams
  • Superior filtering from sunlight
  • Easy to install
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COMMENT: Old sensor stopped working, hopefully this will solve the problem. by Deon D 9/27/2017
COMMENT: Lawn Mower destroyed one of my safety beam eyeballs! Don't ask! This part is a replacement for the original part number which has been discontinued.<br />This is the replacement for 41A4373A by Lee F 7/27/2017
QUESTION: I have a LiftMaster Model 1270 garage door opener and one of the senors is not working. Will this sensor work with my model? by Steve H 1/12/2017
STAFF ANSWER: yes it will. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: when ordering does quantity 1 mean 1pair or 1 sensor? by andrew d 11/10/2016
STAFF ANSWER: 1 pair by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have issues with my Moore o matic sensor. I replaced the sensor from the other garage door that was working fine but the light is still blinking. What did I do wrong? by None N 9/17/2016
ANSWER: Is the light blinking on door opener or the the sensor? My one sensor like blinks, but the garage door still works. If it is the door opener, check all the tension adjustments & the rollers to make sure they not binding. If you disconnect any wires make sure unit is unplugged. Wish you the best. These things can some time be a pain. Go Packers! by Ed W a
QUESTION: My Moore-O-matic X150a-s sensor has two inlet terminal connections from the garage door unit and two additional terminals that wire to the unit on the other side of the garage door. Your unit shows only two connections. How can it be wired? Digi-Code Model CR2149 being considered. by John B 7/13/2016
ANSWER: Your connections will work. They are universal remotes. I have them on an Overhead Door opener and they work fine. The alignment has to be exact or the lights will not come on. If the alignment is off, then it appears there is not any electricity getting to the sensors. by Daniel D a
ANSWER: I have a Stanley opener, but I also had a extra wire coming from the opener motor. This extra wire is on left side standing in garage looking out the door I took one wire from each and connected them to one terminal. I would suggest that you un plug the opener before starting your installation. I'm not sure what I did is correct, but it worked. It is still working fine. by Ed W a
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