EMX VMD AC/DC Outdoor Buried Vehicle Motion Detector and Sensing Probe

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Increase the safety of your industrial business environment by installing an EMX VMD AC/DC Outdoor Buried Vehicle Motion Detector and Sensing Probe. This line of outdoor motion sensors at North Shore Commercial Door will allow the detection of moving vehicles at sites where blind spots can be an issue. If your site has blind areas along the roads or driving paths, this VMD can be used in conjunction with warning lights to alert drivers of oncoming vehicle traffic. The probe on this vehicle motion detector has a12 foot detection range that is dependent on the speed and size of the vehicle. This system can also be employed at sites were security is an issue. In these cases, the VMD can detect approaching vehicles or unauthorized movement of a parked vehicle and actuates alarms, video cameras or annunciators. You can also use this VMD for access control applications that require free exit. In this instance, the VMD detects vehicles for gates, overhead doors and parking barriers. Note that this system can be used with the EMX ULTRA II-MB or with the included LD-7P terminal block.
  • Sensing probe is buried in the ground so that it is not noticed by potential intruders
  • Features a small 3 inch by 0.9 inch by 2.75 inch housing for easy integration with security control board operators
  • All controls are mounted on the front panel of the unit for easy access and operation
  • Low 4 mA standby current draw
  • Surge protection