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#3 14 Gauge Hinge

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When garage doors stop working properly headaches ensue. The repair process begins with identifying the problem, and determining what needs replaced. The search for the best price on what you need comes next. Shopping with North Shore Commercial Door.com takes all of the headache out of replacing your garage door hinges. Our website has the lowest prices on the market, and our hinges are compatible with the majority of residential garage doors. There are details you need to know when looking for garage door hinges. Most hinges are numbered according to their placement on the door. The lower the number, the closer the hinge is to the bottom of the door. The placement of a # 3 hinge on a standard residential door would typically be found in between the third and fourth panels on the left, and right sides of the door. The hinges North Shore Commercial Door.com offers are corrosion resistant 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel which fit with a standard 7/16” outer diameter stem roller. The Gauge of the steel refers to the thickness of the metal, which in this case is the industry standard residential for hinges. If you are unable to find the number stamped into your hinge, please view our chart at the bottom of the ad. Product Overview: • Hinge # 3 replaces hinge between 3rd and 4th sections on left & right side of door. • Roller tube accepts a standard 7/16" outer diameter stem roller • 14 Gauge Corrosion Resistant Garage Door # 3 Hinge made from Galvanized Steel. • This # 3 Hinge is for use with most sectional garage doors • Should have # 3 embossed on the existing hinge • Used by most garage door manufacturers How to Measure Your Hinge