Genie 37955R.S G Power 900 Garage Door Opener Motor Assembly / W Optoluctor

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MSRP: $142.80
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Replacing the motor in your Genie brand garage door opener may seem like a complicated and costly process, but when you purchase the Genie 37955R.S G Power 900 Motor Assembly & Opto-Luctor Assembly from North Shore Commercial Door you'll see just how simple it can be. We offer this high quality replacement motor for much less than you'll find at other online retailers, as well as all of the essential parts to install it. The Opto-Luctor is also included in this kit, which is a unique part that attaches to the back of the unit and monitors the garage door opener's speed.

Instead of paying a high price to purchase an entire new garage door opener, repair it yourself with this affordable Genie 37955R.S G Power 900 Motor Assembly & Opto-Luctor from North Shore Commercial Door.
  • Compatible with the Genie G Power 900 garage door opener