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Genie Commercial Openers Come with a Sprocket that works with a 1 inch shaft and 1/4 inch Keyway.
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Product Description

Genie jackshaft motor operators offer the features you want from a brand you can trust. The Genie GCL-MJ 1/2 HP operator is designed for high- or full-lift sectional doors or rolling doors with a duty requirement of 15 cycles per hour or less. It can lift doors up to 16 feet high, making it ideal for most applications.

The Genie GCL-MJ opener has a thermally protected 1/2 HP motor. The motor may be replaced without changing the limits. The system is outfitted with multiple max run timers that automatically adjust to the proper up and down run time. The operator may also be programmed with a mid-stop if desired.

Choose the Genie GCL-MJ operator for your business. The system includes a variety of features business owners love, including an optional Intellicode receiver that is capable of learning up to 50 transmitters. A sleek 16 character LCD display makes it easy to add and delete individual transmitters directly, so you’re always in control over who has access to the door. Shop now and discover how the versatile Genie GCL-MJ medium-duty opener can streamline your business.

15 cycle per hour operation

Thermally protected 1/2 HP motor

Adjustable friction clutch

TensiBelt primary reduction

16-character LCD display

3-button control station

Safe-T-Beam photo eye kit

Optional Intellicode receiver capable of learning up to 50 transmitters

2 year/20,000 cycle warranty

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COMMENT: because it is what I need by Douglas W 4/4/2016
COMMENT: Brand name recognition and price was important to me by Jeff B 5/24/2015
QUESTION: how much more for the remote control and I will need a left mount ? by David S 7/15/2016
STAFF ANSWER: David,<br /><br />You can mount this unit on either side also we have the remote available for $18.49 If you have any questions please give me a call. 800-783-6112 ext 12 by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have a 20' X 16' steel sectional garage door that I only open a couple of times a week. Will this opener handle a door of this size? What is the difference between high lift and standard lift? by bobby h 3/20/2016
STAFF ANSWER: What kind of lift would you need. by Taylor M a
STAFF ANSWER: Bobby,This one will not work but standard lift is like a residential unit the rolls up and curves back and and high lift lift the door straight up and then rolls back very little. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: does this unit come with all the mounting hardware needed? by None N 11/14/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it does ! by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Is this right or left side mount? viewing from inside or outside? What about shafts larger that 1"? by Alan S 4/18/2015
ANSWER: I believe you need to specify when you order the side that you want it to mount on as well as the shaft size. by Dale M a
STAFF ANSWER: you have the option of selecting either right or left side. You want to be inside the garage looking out side. by Matthew O a
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