Liftmaster 821LM Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller

Liftmaster 821LM Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller
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Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller (821LM)
Item# 821LM
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Liftmaster 821LM Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller
Liftmaster 821LM Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller
Product Description
The Liftmaster 821LM MyQ universal smartphone garage door opener controller allows you to control almost any garage door opener with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Imagine receiving an alert if you left your garage door open. The new Liftmaster 821LM sold by North Shore Commercial Door does this by letting you monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world.

How it Works

• The 821LM MyQ technology enables you to securely monitor and control most garage door opener brands, along with home lighting, with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

• Alerts can be received as email or pop-up (push) notifications on your mobile device so you always know the status of your garage door and home lighting.

• MyQ mobile app is a free download requiring no annual activation fee.


• The 821LM will control up to two garage doors (extra door sensor part # 041D7924-1 , sold separately) at a time and up to 16 MyQ devices

• WI-Fi Hub mounts near garage door opener and plugs into a wall outlet. The hub wirelessly communicates with the garage door opener over your homes Wi-Fi.

• Door sensor mounts on the garage door.


The Liftmaster 821LM MyQ unit is identical to the MYQ-G0201 made by Chamberlain.(LiftMaster is considered the Professional product line)

• Works with most major garage door opener brands with Photo Eyes:

• Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman:

• Green Learn Button (Billion Code, 390MHZ)
- Models: 1245, 1255,1270, 1280

• Red/Orange/Amber Learn Button (Security+, 390MHZ)
- Models: 1245R/1255R, 1265R, 2220, 2245/2255, 2265, 2280, 2500, 2575, 2585, 2595

• Purple Learn Button (Security+, 315MHZ)
- Models: 1345/1355, 1356, 3220, 3240, 3265, 3270, 3280, 3800, 3500, 3850, 3585, 3595

• Yellow Learn Button (Security+ 2.0, 310, 315, and 390MHZ)
- Models: 8065, 8155, 8165, 8355, 8360, 8365-267, 8500, 8550, 8557, 8587

• Linear- MegaCode 318MHz

• Genie- Intellicode 315, 390 MHz

• Overhead Door- Codedodger 315, 390 MHz

• Stanley- SecureCode 310Mhz

• Wayne Dalton- KEELOQ, 372 MHz

• North Shore Commercial Door - LongRanger 315, 390 MHz
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COMMENT: I purchased this previously for my Son and Daughter-in-Law and they love it.<br /><br />I am purchasing this one as a house warming gift for a cousin that just purchased a new home.<br /><br />Have made several other purchases from North Shore Commercial Door and have been very happy with the prompt service, great customer service and product knowledge. I have worked with both Matthew and Steve. by Robert G 7/10/2017
COMMENT: Want to control from my phone. by Tracy H 12/2/2016
QUESTION: will this work with a older opener? by maynard g 4/22/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Yes, that will work with a 2007 Lift Master. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: My opener is a 15 year old Genie Intellicode opener and I haven't had any problems. But I would check with liftmaster for your individual model. by Matthew G a
REPLY: I have a 2007 Lift master . by maynard g r
QUESTION: Will this work with an Overhead Door - Legacy brand? The house was built in 1997 so I'm assuming this is about the same year as the opener. by None N 11/4/2014
ANSWER: The user manual indicates that this device will work with Overhead Door garage openers that operate in the 315MHz or 390Mhz RF bands. by Mark E a
ANSWER: Its all about the color of teh learn button on the back of teh head unit. by Tom G a
QUESTION: My building has a Liftmaster garage door opener model 501103 -- will this be compatible?? by Bill H 9/6/2014
ANSWER: I cannot say for certain but it all comes down to the color of the programing button you push on the back of the operator head by Tom G a
QUESTION: Will this work with Craftsman Door opener? by None N 8/13/2014
ANSWER: It should work with any Craftsman made after 1993. by Neil L a
STAFF ANSWER: YEs but it depends on how old. Call us to determine. by Matthew O a
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