LiftMaster S50LM Monitored Resistive Standard Edges

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Make sure your gate is up to code with LiftMaster’s Small Profile Monitored Resistive Safety Edges. available at North Shore Commercial Door. These entrapment protection devices help prevent damage to the gate structure and unnecessary injuries. Gate operators manufactured after the start of 2016 require a safety device at the gate's open and closed positions. Sensing edges can serve as both forms of protection for LiftMaster’s sliding or swing gate operators. In an effort to fit the edges to any gate application, the small profile edges come in three different lengths: 4 foot (S504AL), 5 foot (S505AL), and 6 foot (S506AL).

Each option comes fully assembled with two end caps (one wired, and one non-wired), and an aluminum retainer to mount the edge. The retainer allows the edge to be mounted on either the vertical face (the side that closes against another gate leaf or structure) or the horizontal face (bottom) of the gates. Installing the edge is simple! The S50 small profile sensing edge can be hardwired directly into the gate operator using the standard 39 inches of cable, or wired into the transmitter of the LMWEKITU Monitored Wireless Edge Kit. The Wireless edge kit gives the gate a sharper look, cleaning up any wires traveling to the gate operator's control board. When the gate senses an obstruction, the UL325 2016 compliant edges send a signal to the operator (or wireless edge kit) and tells the gate to reverse direction. This feature reduces the chances of any significant damage to vehicles or pedestrians passing through the gate. The sensing edges from LiftMaster are a great, cost-effective way to maintain your gate's safety and operational integrity. They require minimal maintenance and are built to withstand the elements including moisture and heat. 

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  • Part Numbers: S504AL, S505AL, and S506AL
  • Kit includes assembled safety edge and aluminum channel
  • Monitored Safety edge for LiftMaster Swing and Slide Gates
  • Compatible with LiftMaster UL 325 2016 Compliant Operators Manufactured after 1/16 or with a red (Burgundy) Board
  • Edge can be wireless with the use of LMWEKITU Monitored Wireless Edge Kit or hardwired to the operator
  • Profile Dimensions: 1 Inch Wide X 1.2 Inches Tall
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40ºF to 149ºF (-40ºC to 65ºC)
  • LENGTHS:4ft, 5ft, and 6ft
  • CABLE LENGTH: 39 Inches
  • ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM: 2-Wire N.O. Configuration
  • MATERIAL: TPE Rubber