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Linear HAE00002 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Set

Very affordable obstruction-sensing IR beam to enhance safety of downward-closure garage doors

Linear HAE00002 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Set
Linear HAE00002 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Set
Linear HAE00002 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Set
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Item# HAE00002
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Linear HAE00002 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Set
Linear HAE00002 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Set
Product Description
North Shore Commercial Door's HAE00002 Linear Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Set is a must for safety in your garage. Compatible with Linear garage door opener models LS050, LD033 and LD050, our HAE00002 Garage Door Opener Safety Set includes a short wire to splice into the operator's existing sensor wire. Available direct from at a low price with affordable shipping, the set doesn't include sensor mounting brackets, which you must order separately.
  • Comes with 3 m wire connectors.
  • Works with the LDC050.
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COMMENT: Others on this site mentioned they were having similar issues as I was. Both beams are both green but the garage door still will not close. Light blinks three times. Reasonable price. Hope these work. by Kyle L 9/30/2017
COMMENT: Because my current ones broke and I needed a replacement and nobody in my area carries them. by Randal G 9/19/2017
QUESTION: does the green light and red light normally stay on together? by None N 11/17/2016
ANSWER: Yes, they both stay on. You need to change both sensors by ALAN R a
QUESTION: why do i have to replace the safety beams at least twice a year?? i will never buy a linear, my contractor made the choice. what a piece of junk!!! what is the best trouble free door opener?? by None N 5/7/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Residential or Commercial? by Taylor M a
QUESTION: We had a power outage and now the unit blinks 3 times indicating safety beam issue - I cleaned, remeasured, leveled the eye beams and I can't get the unit to close the door without a manual override - Any idea of how I can check to see if the eye beams are still good? I have green lights on both ends - The red light twinkles a little when I do the force down hold inside button by Robert C 8/25/2015
ANSWER: If everything has been done to make sure that the eyes are lined up properly and they still will not let the door close without holding in the wall button override. Then you may have a bad eye. Even though the led light lights up it doesn't always mean that the eye is good. It may have been compromised by a power surge or a power spike. The only way to find out is to put on new ones to see if they work properly. If so you know your old ones are bad. by Dale B a
ANSWER: One of mine failed and I got the 3 lite blinks as well..and my guess was a power failure while I was not at home. I happen to have two openers and actually swapped the boards from one to the other assuming a control board got fried. After troubleshooting for over an hour, my last resort was to start swapping the eye beams until I isolated the one that had failed. <br />I just didn't suspect the eye beams ...they actually still had red and green lites that looked OK. Sure enough, I found that one was bad, and since they recommend replacing the pair, that's what I did and all is good. <br />Bottom line: the good news for you may be that your control board is OK, and I would suggest saving a bunch of time and just replace the eye beams...they are reasonably pricedespecially compared to a new control board, and are super easy to install. Hope this is helpful. by Dennis F a
QUESTION: I need a safety beam that will shoot 80' gate opening. Will these do it?. I need normally closed contacts. by Steven G 1/19/2015
STAFF ANSWER: No these will not work. Please call us for a different option that will work for 80' Gate openings 800-783-6112 by Matthew O a
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