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Liftmaster K41DJC001 Circuit Board

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If your garage door system’s keypad, remote control or sensors are malfunctioning, replacing your garage door opener’s circuit board may resolve these operational issues. In commercial spaces, a malfunctioning system is dangerous and can impede commercial operations. Fortunately, replacing, programming and adjusting a replacement circuit board is typically a simple process and is considerably less expensive than replacing the entire system. Easy to install and program, the replacement LiftMaster K41DJC001B circuit board is compatible with commercial LiftMaster 3950 Jackshaft garage door openers. If your LiftMaster 3950 system is malfunctioning or completely inoperative, replacing the K41DJC001 circuit board may be the solution to restore safety and function to your commercial space. After installing your circuit board and programming your safety sensors, a simple LED button process will aid in setting adjustments, such as: • Programming Travel Limits - Regulates the points where the door will stop moving up or down.
• Setting the Force - Measures the force needed to open or close door.
• Testing the Protector System - Ensures the safety of you reversal sensors. It is important to note that adjustments cannot be made until the safety sensors are in place. When testing the protector system, you may be required to adjust the force settings for the protector system to work effectively. For detailed instructions on programming your replacement K41DJC001 circuit board, please reference the LiftMaster 3950 manual, which can be found in our catalogue of Product Manuals. A faulty circuit board is most commonly caused by power surges and lightning strikes. To ensure your replacement K41DJC001 circuit board and LiftMaster 3950 system are safeguarded against power surges, which occur more frequently in commercial settings, we recommend using the 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector. Manufactures Part number k041DJC001B