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Liftmaster 365LM Universal Plug-In Garage Door Opener Receiver

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If you need to replace a radio control or upgrade to a system that's more secure, the LiftMaster 365LM Universal Plug-In Garage Door Opener Receiver works with all LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Sears remotes that use 315 MHz Security-Plus technology. The LiftMaster 365LM plugs into a standard power outlet and wires to either the remote push button or directly to the garage door opener. Features include:

•Compatible with all LiftMaster Security+ remote controls; accepts up to 8 remote control codes

•Plugs into standard polarized 120V, 60Hz AC outlet

•Two-conductor bell wire

•Hard wires directly to any garage door opener strip

•Built-in door control button

•Momentary contact closure

•Five-amp relay type contact

•Power indicator light

The LiftMaster 365LM is compatible with the following remote controls:

•1 Button - LiftMaster 371LM

•2 Button - LiftMaster 372LM

•3 Button - LiftMaster 373LM

•Wireless Keypad - LiftMaster 377LM