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Linear SGEK AC or DC Powered Supervised Gate Edge Kit

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Automate your residential gate and increase safety with the SGEK AC or DC Powered Supervised Edge Gate Kit now available from North Shore Commercial Door. The SGEK kit includes the SGET Supervised Gate Edge Transmitter, that wires into your Safety Edge gate sensors, and the SGER Supervised Gate Edge Receiver that wires into your residential gate operator. The SGER monitors for motor running condition, monitoring sensing edges at all times, and when your motor stops the SGER checks each transmitter's status. Together these devices automate use of your Safety Edge sensors and reverse operator movement when any obstructions are detected. The SGEK-DC is compatible with 12-24 DC operators and an additional ASCENS Module is included in the SGEK-AC that makes it compatible with high voltage AC motors (115-460 AC). SGEK-DC Kit Contents: SGEK-AC Kit Contents: Product Highlights:
  • DC Kit includes SGET Transmitter and SGER Receiver
  • AC Kit includes SGET Transmitter, SGER Receiver, and ASCENS Module to convert AC power
  • Sends signal to operator to reverse gate movement
  • Easily program with internal programming button that sends a unique code to the SGER receiver
  • Compatible with 10k safety edges exclusively
  • Hard wired motor sensing for 12-24 volt DC motors; non-contact ACSENS module for high voltage AC motors (115-460VAC)
  • Wires into your gate operator and Safety Edge sensors
  • SGEK-DC compatible with 12-24 DC operators
  • Low battery alert before failure
  • SGEK-AC with ASCENS Module compatible with 115-460 AC voltage operators
  • Transmitter has C sized battery terminals compatible with 2 C cell batteries
  • Works with all 10k monitored gate operators
  • UL 325 listed device
  • 2 channels for up to 2 sensing edges and transmitters per receivers