MillerEdge MWRTA02A Gate and Garage Door Receiver and Transmitter with Alarm

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With the Miller Edge MWRTA02 gate/door receiver and transmitter, you won't have to hard wire your obstacle-sensing edges to your commercial door operator's motor controls. This affordably priced Miller Edge MWRTA02 receiver/transmitter system from North Shore Commercial Door is easily mounted and wired to your industrial gate or commercial door edge sensor. It includes a low-battery alarm to let you know the battery has only 25 percent of its life remaining. The alarm sounds for 5 to 10 seconds at 1-minute or 2-minute intervals. This system includes a single channel receiver (MWR02A) and transmitter (MWTA02). The receiver operates on either 12- or 24-volt AC/DC and provides N.O. or N.C. output. "They are reliable and get the job done," says one of our satisfied customers. Once the transmitter and receiver are mounted and wired to the gate or door edge sensor, a closed circuit signal is created and sent to the door operator motor to stop and reverse the direction of travel when the sensing edge comes into contact with an obstruction. The transmitter and receiver come with a NEMA 4 weather-proof enclosure. The enclosure can be easily mounted with the four mounting holes and screws provided. The compact design allows for easy trouble shooting via the see-through case. Product Highlights:
  • Receiver + transmitter in NEMA 4 weather-proof enclosures
  • Low-battery alarm sounds when battery at 25% power
  • Compact design with see-through case for trouble shooting
  • Receiver operates on 12V or 24V AC/DC
  • Easy installation