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Miller Edge Safety Eyes

Miller Edge Safety Eyes
Having the proper Safety Beams at the bottom of your commercial gate or garage door can ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. Always put safety first with Miller Edge Safety Eyes. Miller Edge products offer superior manufacturing, durability and range. They are designed with your particular needs in mind.

Monitored Thru-Beam technology utilizes a beam of infrared light sent from a transmitting unit to a receiving unit to detect obstructions. When the beam is blocked by an obstruction, a signal is sent to the gate or door to stop and/or reverse travel.
Retro-Reflective Photo Optic Sensor technology uses an emitter/receiver unit and a retro-reflector to detect a visible beam of light. When an obstruction interrupts the visible light beam of light, the gate or door receives a signal to stop and/or reverse motion. Both styles of Photo Eye units are installed easily, UL325-compliant and compatible with a variety of applications.

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