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Miller Edge PG Prime-Guard Through Beam Photo Optic Sensors

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Install this Miller Edge Prime-Guard wireless monitored thru-beam photo eye on your motorized commercial gate or door to guard potentially hazardous zones by monitoring for obstructions. Miller Edge's trademarked Prime-Guard photo optic system from North Shore Commercial Door sends an invisible beam of light from a transmitting unit to a receiving unit. The door or gate motor is signaled to stop and/or reverse when the obstruction is sensed. The emitting unit is battery powered with two AA lithium batteries which eliminates the need for wiring across an opening. An indicating LED system makes it easy to align the emitting and receiving units, with a 50ft standard and 100ft optional maximum range. The photo eye is inside a NEMA 4-rated housing which measures 5.1 inches high, 2.8 inches long and 1.8 inches wide. Use this with pre- and post-2010 door operators and pre- and post-2016 gate operators to meet UL 325 regulations. This new Safety Eye set replaces the previous series of Invisi-Guard 2 Safety beams. Relay and pulsed models available. The relay model offers normally open, normally closed and 10k resistive output. The pulsed model offers 2 wire or 4 wire pulsed output. Product Highlights:

  • Alignment and troubleshooting LEDs
  • Easy installation
  • Maximum range of 50' to 100'
  • Dimensions: 5.1" H X 2.8" L X 1.8" W
  • Uses 2 lithium AA batteries (easily replaceable)
  • Aluminum NEMA 4-rated enclosure
  • RX-R (relay output) and RX-P (2 or 4 wire pulsed output) options
  • UL 325 2016 compliant
  • Compatible with monitored MGL, non-monitored MWRT 12 units
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Impact resistant
  • Enhanced sunlight immunity
  • Built-in strain relief