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Miller Edge TG-R-K TruGuard Monitored Reflective Photo Eye

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Reflective Photo Eye
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Miller Edge’s TruGuard monitored reflective photo optic sensor is now available from North Shore Commercial Door. This reflective photoeye design combines an emitter and receiver in the same housing. The reflector, equipped with a hood for blocking harmful sunlight, returns the photo optic beam to the emitter/receiver unit. This photoeye system for automated gates guards an entrapment zone by acting as an invisible protective barrier. When any obstruction interrupts the light beam, a signal is sent to motor controls to stop/or reverse motion. The Miller Edge TrueGuard Photoeye comes with the transmitter/receiver, reflector with hood, and specially designed mounting bracket. A visible light beam eases alignment to the reflector making it easy to install. Product Highlights:
  • Miller Edge TruGuard Monitored Reflective Photo Optic System
  • Emitter and Transmitter in one housing
  • Polarized beam and corner cube reflector reject false reflection and increase sunlight immunity
  • Guards an entrapment zone for automatic gates
  • Durable mounting bracket and reflector hood provide protection against debris and serve as weather/sun shields
  • Invisible barrier of light senses obstructions
  • IP67 housing protects against moisture and dust
  • Keeps gates and users safe
  • UL325 recognized component
  • Reverses or stops operator movement when an obstruction is sensed
  • 30 ft. range
  • Visible light beam eases alignment with reflector