NiceApollo 318N 2-Channel Radio Receiver with 63 Code Memory 433MHz

MSRP: $89.30
(You save $17.64 )
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North Shore Commercial Door now has the 318N 2-Channel Radio Receiver available for purchase. This radio control from NiceApollo utilizes a secure frequency of 433.92MHz and has the capability to store up to 63 transmitter codes. The compact radio receiver is a part of the FLOR Series of Receivers from NiceApollo. This means that the newer INTI2 and ERA ONE transmitters are compatible. This Radio Receiver Measures 1.6 Inches wide by, 3.8 inches tall, and .9 inch deep. Programming remotes to the receiver can be done by pressing the learn button located on the circuit board of the operator, or by way of a programming box. Product Highlights:
  • Part Number:318N
  • 2 Channel Radio Receiver
  • Part of the FLOR Series
  • Dimensions: Width: 1.6” Height: X 3.8” X Depth: .9”
  • 433.92 MHz Frequency
  • Input power: 12-24 AC/DC
  • Relay Contact: Normally Open 0.5 A 50VAC
  • Programs by Learn Button
Clearing the Memory: