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Optex 1600953 Extension Mounting Bracket

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Introducing the OAM-Mount: The Perfect Mounting Solution for the OPTEX OAM-EXPLORER Combination Sensor.

The OAM-Mount is a robust and purpose-built mount designed exclusively for the OPTEX OAM-EXPLORER Combination Active Infrared and Microwave Sensor in Industrial Door applications. Engineered for durability and ease of installation, this mount is the ideal companion for securely positioning your OAM-EXPLORER sensor.

With the OAM-Mount, installation becomes a breeze. The 36" mount, which can be easily trimmed down to the required size, ensures a precise fit for most applications. By mounting the OAM-Mount above the overhead door, you can optimize the sensor's performance while ensuring seamless integration into your Industrial Door system.

Crafted from black oxide steel, the OAM-Mount offers exceptional strength and stability. Its rugged construction ensures reliable support for the OPTEX OAM-EXPLORER sensor, even in demanding industrial environments. You can trust that your sensor will remain securely in place, providing accurate and consistent detection for enhanced safety and operational efficiency.

When it comes to mounting the OPTEX OAM-EXPLORER Combination Sensor, the OAM-Mount is the go-to solution. Its easy installation, adjustable size, and sturdy steel construction make it the perfect choice for a wide range of Industrial Door applications.

Upgrade your sensor installation with the OAM-Mount today and experience a seamless and reliable mounting solution for the OPTEX OAM-EXPLORER Combination Sensor, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting durability.