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Optex OAM-EXPLORER Motion/Presence Safety Sensor

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Introducing the OPTEX OAM-EXPLORER: The Ultimate Solution for Industrial Door Safety and Efficiency available from North Shore Commercial Door.

For seamless integration into Industrial Door applications, the OPTEX OAM-EXPLORER is a cutting-edge sensor designed to revolutionize safety and enhance operational efficiency. Combining activation and supplementary safety features, this sensor takes the protection of workers and equipment to the next level.

The OAM-EXPLORER employs advanced technology to ensure comprehensive coverage and reliable performance. Its large microwave detection area serves as an efficient activation sensor, allowing doors to open precisely when needed. Additionally, the infrared technology integrated into the sensor ensures utmost safety around the threshold, providing a reliable barrier against potential hazards.

One of the standout features of the OAM-EXPLORER is its ability to control external devices, such as warning lights or alarms, to alert vehicles and pedestrians on the opposite side of the door. This proactive approach ensures that everyone in the vicinity is aware of the door's movements, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and collisions.

Installation and setup have never been easier. With the OAM-EXPLORER's smart phone app, configuration and fine-tuning become a breeze, eliminating the need for constant trips up and down a ladder for installers. The user-friendly interface enables swift adjustments and customization, saving valuable time and effort during the installation process.

The OPTEX OAM-EXPLORER offers a host of benefits for Industrial Door applications, including improved safety, enhanced operational efficiency, and simplified installation. Its reliable detection capabilities and integration with external devices make it an indispensable tool for ensuring a secure working environment.

Upgrade your Industrial Door systems today with the OPTEX OAM-EXPLORER, and experience a new level of safety and efficiency like never before.