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BD Loops

BD Loops MT Micro Torch Soldering Iron

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Micro Torch Soldering Iron BD Loops now has in stock BERNZOMATIC's ST2200-T Trigger Start Micro Torch which comes with a soldering tip. It is critical to solder/tin electrical loop connections to prevent oxidization. Tinning your connections might seem like a hassle, especially if you don't know that portable butane powered soldering irons exist. Tinning the loop connections is a must with inductance loops, wire nuts are just not enough. Often times installers will use wire nuts to connect the two wires together. Problems arise with this because wire nuts are made for 110-220 volt circuits. Most loop detectors energize the loop with only 3-6 volts. When the voltage is this low, any oxidization of the wire joint can cause enough resistance to cause the detector to have false trips or to lock up. Constantly having to go out to a job site that is dealing with periodic loop problems just because the wires are not making a solid electrical connection is a waste of time. To save on continuous service calls, soldering the connection is a must.