BD Loops

BD Loops Saw-Cut Loops - 12 to 52 ft loops - 20,50, or 100 ft lead-in

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$75.00 - $228.97
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Our BD Loops saw-cut loops from North Shore Commercial Door are available in 12-foot to 52-foot lengths with 20-foot, 50-foot, or 100-foot lead-in wires. These saw-cut loops are designed for use in saw-cut installations where a 3/16-inch or larger groove is cut into the concrete or asphalt and the wire is stuffed and sealed (using loop sealant) into the surface. Each BD Loops saw-cut loop can save installers up to 55 minutes of installation time. Saw-cut loops have a custom durable polyethylene outer jacket over nylon-coated polyethylene insulated 16AWG stranded wire. The built-in wing-shaped backer-rod allows the loop to fit snugly in a 3/16-inch saw-cut groove. The unique wire design prevents the installer from having to install backer-rod and creates a seal at the bottom of the groove, allowing the installer to apply sealant to a flat surface. This can result in up to 30 percent savings in loop sealant to seal the groove versus wrapped wires in a 1/4-inch wide groove. Every BD Loops saw-cut loop comes with a 3/16-inch sealant tip, which allows the installer to seal the loop in one pass from the bottom up. These loops work best with 3/16-inch wide saw-cut blades or 1/4-inch wide blades. Use a loop sealant, (not a crack filler) to seal the groove. The loop should be installed black side up (red side down) to ensure phasing direction matches down). Use a V-cut for the yoke to simplify your installation. Sprinkling sand over the sealant will create a barrier between the sealant and car ties and allow you to open the lane quicker.

Product Highlights:

  • 12' to 52' lengths
  • 20' or 50' or 100' lead-in wires
  • Comes with 3/16" sealant tip
  • Use loop sealant (not crack filler) to seal the groove
  • Install black side up (red side down)
  • Use in saw-cut installations with 3/16" or larger groove is cut into concrete
  • Saves up to 55 minutes in installation time per loop
  • Custom polyethylene outer jacket over nylon-coated poly insulated 16AWG stranded wire
  • Built-in wing-shaped backer rod for snug fit in 3/16" wide groove
  • 30% savings in loop sealant versus wrapped wires in 1/4" wide groove
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