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Garage Door EPDM Seal Kit

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Effortlessly fortify your residential or commercial garage door against the elements with the EPDM Weather Seal Kit by North Shore Commercial Door. Designed for convenience, this kit features pre-assembled EPDM seals encased in corrosion-resistant #4 aluminum standard retainers, crafted by Action Industries. With pre-tapped holes, installation is a breeze—no drilling required. Each kit includes 32 fasteners for swift setup. Just open the kit, secure the retainers onto the jambs and header, and you're set.

Tailored for a variety of doors sizes, this kit can adapt to various compatible sectional garage doors. Choose between straight (A0282-MI) and 45-degree (A0288-MI) retainer profiles to adjust the seal's angle against the door. Straight retainers snugly seal gaps, while 45-degree retainers create a wider air gap. Select from two standard EPDM sizes: 1-1/8 inches and 2-1/2 inches.

EPDM is a specialized rubber product that can withstand temperatures ranging from -50°F to 350°F. It is ideal for environments that experience a large range of temperatures. Enhance the protection of your residential or commercial garage door against the elements with our carefully crafted high-quality EPDM Weather Seal Kit

We provide a variety of options that will fit your specific door sealing project.

Choose your door size:

  • 8 Foot by 8 Foot Door (8'x8')
  • 8 Foot by 10 Foot Door (8'x10')
  • 9 Foot by 10 Foot Door (9'x10')
  • 10 Foot by 10 Foot Door (10'x10')
  • 12 Foot by 12 Foot Door (12'x12')
  • 12 Foot by 14 Foot Door (12'x14')

Please note that these kits have retainers that are cut down. So an 8 FT by 8 FT kit consists of six 4'1" retainers, an 8 FT by 10 FT kit consists of two 4'1" retainers and four 5'1" retainers, a 9 FT by 10 FT kit consists of one 4'1" retainer and five 5'1" retainers, etc.

Choose your Vinyl Size:

  • 1 1/8 Inch
  • 2 1/2 Inch

For retainers you can choose between a 2 1/8" straight (A0288-MI-W-4) or a 45 Degree (A0282-MI-W). Straight retainers hold the seal flush against the door from the jamb, while 45-degree retainers create a larger gap of air between the door and seal.

Choose your retainer:

  • Straight
  • 45 Degrees


  • Seamlessly seals gaps between garage door and door jambs/header
  • Specifically designed for garage and sectional doors
  • Pre-assembled, pre-punched, and pre-cut materials for easy installation
  • Available in black only
  • Includes all necessary fasteners for a hassle-free setup
  • No additional drilling required during installation
  • Vinyl seal offered in three different widths: 1 1/8 inches, or 2 1/2 inches
  • Standard #4 sized aluminum retainers ensure compatibility and reliability with the choice of 45 Degree or Straight options