Digi-Code Raynor Garage Door Opener Replacement Photocells Safety Beams for models R-160 & R-170

Digi-Code Raynor Garage Door Opener Replacement Photocells Safety Beams for models R-160 & R-170

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Item# CR-2154
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Digi-Code Raynor Garage Door Opener Replacement Photocells Safety Beams for models R-160 & R-170
Digi-Code Raynor Garage Door Opener Replacement Photocells Safety Beams for models R-160 & R-170
Product Description
Make a quick and easy repair to your safety beams with these Raynor garage door opener photocell safety beams from North Shore Commercial Door. Find out more about this great product by checking out our Questions section below to get fast answers from our helpful customers and staff members.

  • Compatible with Raynor sensors featuring two wires coming from one and three wires from the other (as pictured above)
  • Manufactured to replace the beam sensors for Raynor garage door opener models R-160 & R-170
  • Self-programming feature allows users to simply hook up to the existing wiring
  • Includes hardware and mounting brackets
  • Also referred to as photo eyes, safety eyes, safety beams, etc.
  • Part number: CR-2154
  • Alternative part number: PEC-R3
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COMMENT: because North Shore said they would be compatible with my Raynor door operer by Arthur M 11/14/2016
COMMENT: Price by Jeri M 2/1/2016
QUESTION: Works fine except that I have to wiggle the plug around to get a decent contact. Is there any reason not to just cut the plugs off and connect the wires directly with wire nuts? by None N 9/27/2014
ANSWER: I had to cut the plugs off because mind were corroded. I used small wire nuts and it works fine. by Edward M a
ANSWER: Not really but you might identify the wires with their location in the connector because if you ever have to replace it again you won't have the connector location as a starting point. by David B a
ANSWER: I had to cut my plug ends off. The plug on mine had alot of corrosion so I eliminated it for a better connection. It works great now. by Joseph S a
ANSWER: I found that my wiring had a bad connector and was not the fault of the new sensors. You might have to put a new connect on your lead wires. I would see no problem cutting off the connectors and wiring them with wire nuts. It is all low voltage. by Robert W a
ANSWER: That's the way I have hooked up mine and it works. by Tom C a
QUESTION: Does this come with everything displayed in the picture? by Benny D 8/20/2013
QUESTION: I have a raynor -150-7 1992 year. Can i use r-160&170 items ? How do connect wire ? by None N 3/28/2013
ANSWER: I bought item cr2154 for a 1994 Raynor model 270-8. I called a Raynor dealer and they told me that the cr2154 was the replacement for the pec-r2 sensors. You might try calling your local dealer and ask for their opinion on the items that you are considering. If one dealer isn't helpful, try calling another one for help. I found a friendly person at the second dealer that I called. If you don't find anyone helpful, call Raynor directly as they were also very helpful in providing information to me in the past when my local dealer was unfriendly. The only glitch with the cr2154 sensors was that you have to use the new mounting brackets that come with them different hole placement, of course. The wiring connectors were identical and snapped right together. These sensors have worked fine for about 6 months, but I'm having an intermittent problem right now that keeps the door from closing unless I disconnect the wiring for a few minutes to let it reset. I just emailed NorthShore with my concerns so I'm hoping that they can help me. by H A a
ANSWER: They work together with the old ones And are much better at aligning. by D R a
QUESTION: does this replace raynor pec-r3? by None N 11/13/2012
ANSWER: The new sensors were delivered fast and work perfectly by Edward M a
ANSWER: yes by M D a
ANSWER: Yes it is the replacement part. My husband either used the new bracket or our bracket to install it but it does work like the original. by A N a
ANSWER: I replaced my pec-r3 sensors with this item and they work fine. The only hassle was that the brackets were different, but I was able to get them mounted. by H A a
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