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Craftsman 139.30499 AssureLink Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote

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Key Ring Style Remote. This remote will work with all Sears Craftsman Garage Door Openers that have either a green, red , or purple learn button. The "Learn Button" is used for syncing the remote to the garge door opener that is hanging from the ceiling. It is also referred to as a "program button" and is located on the machine, check all sides of the machine for this learn button and many times it is located under the light cover. •Craftsman Assurelink is made by Liftmaster. The Liftmaster Max series remote is the exact same product as the Craftsman assurelink. Same high quality, just less expensive because the Craftsman label is not on it. If you have an assurelink system, this remote will work for you. If you have this keychain remote and want to get one that clips to your visor, search for part # 139.30498 •Can control up to three garage door openers or gates, or AssureLink enabled light devices •Features AssureLink rolling code technology •Compatible with all Sears Craftsman garage door openers manufactured since January 1993. Works with all Sears Craftsman openers from 1993 to present (any Sears Craftsman opener with safety sensors) Signal reaches from greater distances LED notification light signals activation and helps with programming Easy push-button programming Includes battery and key ring Craftsman Key Chain Remote Replacement for the following remote models: • 139.53879 • 139.53681B • 139.53680 • 139.53859 • 139.53753 • 139.30499 • 139.30498 • 139.18190

This KeyChain Remote is compatible with Craftsman Models with following Part numbers: 41A4315-7 , 41A4315-6, 41A5021-3, 41A5021-2, 41D4674 , 41D4674-11, 41A4252-12, 41A4315-7D, 41A5483-5B , 41A5483-2 , 41A4252-7 , 41A5021-4E , 41D4674-1G, 41A5389-D , 41A5483-14 , 41a5021-3H-315 , 41AB150-2, 41AB150, 41AB150-1 , 41As150-R2, 41AC175-2, 41AC175-2A, 41AC175-2S , 41AC150-1 , 41AC150, 41AC150-2,41D4374-9