Copperloy SELCG Standard Lip Edge Of Dock Leveler

MSRP: $2,004.92 - $5,462.78
$1,670.77 - $4,966.16
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The Copperloy SELCG standard-lip edge-of-dock commercial truck dock leveler from North Shore Commercial Door mounts to the edge of the loading bay to create a level dock floor for incoming trucks. This easy-to-use Copperloy loading dock leveler fits most truck docks. Pull the dock leveler's handle to lift the lip over the edge of the dock and push to place the lip on the truck floor to raise the dock's lip up to 5 inches above or below the dock level.

Choose a Copperloy SELCG leveler with a maximum 20,000-pound or 30,000-pound capacity. This leveler includes two protective rubber bumpers and two steel bumper blocks that are designed to place on each side of the platform. Available widths for a 20,000 pound-capacity leveler are 66 in. (SEL2066CG0) and 72 in. (SEL2072CG). For a 30,000-pound-capacity, chose a SELCG edge-of-dock leveler by Copperloy with a 66-in. (SEL3066CG), 72-in. (SEL3072CG), 78-inch (SEL3078CG) or 84-in. (SEL3084CG) width.

Product Highlights:
  •  SELCG
  • Edge-of-dock leveler positions dock's lip up to 5 inches above or below dock level
  • Fits most commercial truck docks
  • Handles truck loads up to 20,000 or up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Includes 40-50 lb. force leveler handle
  • Comes with 2 protective rubber bumpers + 2 steel bumper blocks
  • Dual-extension springs make it easy to lift, position
  • Safety strut to secure leveler in place
  • Low-maintenance hinges
  • The lip extends 12 in. beyond the 16-in. bumpers
  • Each bumper size: 4 in. x 13 in. x 10 in.
  • Steel thickness = 3/8 in. thick for 20K levelers, 1/2 in. thick for 30K levelers
  • For 20,000-lb. capacity, choose 66-in. (SEL2066CG0 or 72-in. (SEL2072CG) width
  • For 30,000-lb. capacity, choose a 66-in. (SEL3066CG), 72-in. (SEL3072CG), 78-in. (SEL3078CG) or 84-in. (SEL3084CG) width