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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
Garage door springs often relax with age. Relaxed springs can result in serious safety hazards, leading to an inability to open the door or a free-falling door that could drop at any moment. At North Shore Commercial Door, our  inventory is packed with commercial and residential-grade garage door springs that can protect your customers or your family from dangerously relaxed springs.

North Shore Commercial Door's extensive collection of torsion springs and extension springs features parts from the world's most reputable manufacturers. We've made it our mission to offer extension springs and torsion springs because we know how important they are for repairs and upgrades.  

To learn more, check out our FAQ page on garage door springs.

Our inventory is full of garage door springs, universal spring cones, winding bars and more. We keep several one-piece and sectional garage door extension springs in stock, and we can custom-order parts you need that aren't currently featured in our catalog. Whether you're repairing or upgrading, you'll find the garage door springs you need in North Shore Commercial Door's huge collection.