• Sustainable solution for gate operator; minimal hook-up time w/ male-end plug in
  • Usually Ships 4 to 7 Business Days


  • Sustainable solution for gate operator; minimal hook-up time w/ male-end plug in
  • Usually Ships 4 to 7 Business Days
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USAutomatic 520026 10 Watt Solar Panel | USAutomatic 520026 10 Watt RANGER HD Solar Panel is a power sourcing solar-absorption device designed for real-life, multiple daily cycle gate operation needs. Standard solar kit for the RANGER HD, 500 and PATRIOT model operators provides power to float battery charger US Automatic 520001 DC Battery Controller that holds, maintains and discharges the sustainably supplied electrical power. Next-generation tech and products for entry security needs from North Shore Commercial Door. USAutomatic has considered the climate differences of its many customers and has formulated this Solar Panel to provide sufficient powering for all regions. This panel is also designed to support openers for ranching, farm or remote settings that are distant from a major or reliable power source. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS | SPECS | TECHS
  • PN/SKU/#: 520026
  • Green solution supplies power for standard large-scale US Automatic Gate Operators; especially helpful in remote settings apart from a major power source
  • Comes with mounting bracket
  • Includes 15 feet of cable lead with male-end plug
  • Designed for use with the US Automatic 520001 DC Battery Controller which stores and regulates current and it’s discharge to power the gate
  • Can be remoted with cable extensions
    • Greater distances will affect strength of power sent from panel
  • Post panel in wide open location facing south or southwest
  • Cycle rating dependent on (1) daylight/climate (2) accessories (3) one or two-leaf gate
  • General range for U.S. is 11 to 66 cycles per day when using 15 ft or less of cable
  • LENGTH: 14 inches
  • WIDTH: 11 inches
  • DEPTH: 3/4 inches