USAutomatic 550015 7 Day Programmable Timer

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The USAutomatic 550015 7 Day Programmable Timer is a great investment for your gate operator. This durable product can be used to open and close the gate at a preset time. The stream lined design is super easy to navigate, not to mention withstand high and low temperatures. Time is displayed in a 24 hour format, so 8 AM would read as 08:00, and 8:30 PM would read as 20:30. The internal memory on this item is capable of of programming up to 24 events per day, as well as be set for daylight savings. Installation of this product is super simple thanks to the supplied 3 wire harness. This makes wiring the board an easy and painless process. North Shore Commercial Door is proud to have this product in stock and ready for our customers to order. Product Features:
• 1ma Standby Current Draw • 1ma Latch Current Draw • Easy to program: Daily, Weekly, Alternating Days or Weekend. • 24 events per day • Time is displayed in 24 hour format • Summer mode for Daylight savings and Random mode • 3 wire harness supplied for easy wiring • Temperature range 20 C to +70 C Designed for use with USAutomatic control boards.