Xtreme Garage Model 425-1620 Accessories

Trust the pros for Menards Xtreme 425-1620 garage door opener accessories and parts. At North Shore Commercial Door, we have Xtreme garage door opener installation parts and replacement components backed by our expert tech support available by email, phone or Live Chat. We have Xtreme 3-button hand-held remote control transmitters and wall panels.

Our Menards Xtreme photo safety eye system includes the emitter, plus sensor with brackets. Replace a battery on your remote with our Menards Xtreme 425-1620-compatible 12-volt alkaline transmitter battery. Find low prices on all Menards Xtreme garage door operator parts.

Shop by brand or part number for your Xtreme replacement parts and Xtreme accessories. If you can't find it on our website, our staff members will find it for you and get it to your front door fast. If you need help confirming parts compatibility, our crew is ready to assist you.