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ZAP 825 Series 3 Light Duty Jackshaft Sectional Garage Door Opener

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Are you looking for one the safest, quietest, smallest side mount DC operators in the industry today? Look no further! The Zap DC garage door operator is your answer. The Zap features SafetySense technology, which is one of the industry’s most advanced obstruction detection systems available. Allowing the Zap to detect an obstruction on any part of the door, whether it’s opening or closing. This means a safe garage door operator not only for you, but for your door and its surroundings. The model 825-3 is a light duty commercial model operator with a 1/2HP motor capable of running sectional overhead garage doors up to 160 square feet in size, 600 lbs. in balanced weight, with track configurations such as low headroom, standard lift, high lift, and full vertical lift. Like all the Zap model operators, the motor assembly only contains the motor, two pulleys and one belt, which means no chains or sprockets making all that unnecessary noise in your garage or shop. The model 825-3 only requires 6 ¼” of side clearance and 3 ½” above the center of your spring shaft, so limited space is not an issue. The entire operator is NEMA 4 rated for water/moisture resistance. The 825-3 offers many built in program features that are standard including auto close timer, cycle counter, and service due reminder. You can also incorporate a multitude of auxiliary items to the Zap 825-3. These include, but are not limited to interior/exterior lighting, additional wall controls, swipe card devices, dock equipment, motion sensors, alarm systems and more. Installation of the 825-3 is as simple as it gets. It only requires one person with a ladder to install the motor assembly on the spring shaft. Nothing mounts to the wall, jamb, or header area. Unlike traditional operators, you won’t be needing the scissors lift, two people, or a welder for this installation. The Zap control box is even easier to install. Just four screws to fasten it to the wall near the door, and power it up by plugging it into a nearby outlet in your garage or shop (electrical pigtail required). Now it’s just a matter of running the door open and close two times with the 825-3 and it will set it’s fully open and closed positions for you. You just stand back and watch! We are very impressed with the quality and capabilities of the Zap 825-3 DC model operator and know you will be too. Product Highlights:
  • Part Number: 825-3
  • Side mount
  • DC operator
  • Light duty commercial model operator
  • 1/2 horsepower
  • Safe, quiet & small
  • Compatible door sizes: Up to 160 sq. ft./600 lbs.
  • Contains the motor, two pulleys & one belt
  • Requires 6 ¼” side clearance & 3 ½” clearance above center spring shaft
  • Program features include auto close timer, cycle counter and service due reminder
  • Auxiliary capabilities include interior/exterior lighting, wall controls, swipe card devices, dock equipment, motion sensors, alarm systems & more
  • Simple installation of motor assembly to spring shaft
  • Control box fastens to the wall near the door & plug into outlet (electrical pigtail required)
  • Set fully open and closed positions by running the door open and close two times
Technical Information:
  • Controller case rating: NEMA 4X/IP66
  • Controller dimensions:8.7” H x 6.5” W x 4.7” D
  • Single phase voltage:115 V US, 208-230V US, 208-230V EU
  • Amp draw:2.8A
  • Control circuit voltage:6VDC
  • Power rating:650 Newtons Equiv. ½ HP
  • Operator Motor Head Rating:NEMA 4*
  • Motor type:DC Gear Reduced
  • Motor cover dimensions:13.25” H x 6.5” W x 6.25” D
  • Motor Voltage:48-54 VDC
  • Limits determination:Physical/Self Calibrating
  • Duty cycle rating:Continuous
  • Operating temp range:-22 deg F to 212 deg F
  • Overload protection:Inherent motor current sensing