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#17 LiftMaster 41A5483-4B Receiver logic board assembly for 2280

Liftmaster  41A5483-4B Receiver logic board assembly
Liftmaster  41A5483-4B Receiver logic board assembly
Liftmaster  41A5483-4B Receiver logic board assembly
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Item# 41A5483-4B
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Liftmaster 41A5483-4B Receiver logic board assembly
Liftmaster  41A5483-4B Receiver logic board assembly
Product Description
If your garage door opener system isn’t working correctly, replacing your circuit board may restore functionality back to your system and prevent you from replacing the entire system, saving you time and money. Common problems, such as nonresponse keypads and remote controls, can be due to a faulty circuit board. Fortunately, we carry replacement circuit boards for every Chamberlain LiftMaster model.

The 41A5483-4B circuit board is compatible with Chamberlain 3280 Formula I and LiftMaster 2280 1/2 HP systems. To ensure the LiftMaster 41A5483-4B circuit board is compatible with your system, please reference our Chamberlain LiftMaster Circuit Board Compatibility Chart. Easy to install, program and adjust, the LiftMaster 41A5483-4B replacement circuit board provides easy to follow directions on the unit, and the Product Manual also provides step-by-step instructions regarding installation and programming. Once your circuit board is successfully installed, it is important to adjust its programming to ensure safety. To test your safety reverse system, take the following steps:

With the door fully open, place a one inch board under the center of door.
Close the door. When the garage door hits the board, it should reverse directions immediately.
If the door only stops on the board but does not reverse directions, increase the Down limit by turning the adjustment screw 1/4 counterclockwise.
If the door reverses after adjustment, remove the board and run the door three to four full cycles to ensure your system’s adjustments are correct.

Most faulty circuit boards are due to power surges or lightning strikes. For this reason, we recommend using a 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector to safeguard your new Chamberlain 41A5483-4B circuit board, ensuring your system functions correctly in the future.

Replaces old board 41A5483-20AS (note you will need to reuse your old faceplate which adds about 2 minutes to the overall install time)
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Good service by Danny r 9/19/2017
COMMENT: GOOD SERVICE by Ronald B 8/2/2017
STAFF ANSWER: please call the factory at 800528-9131 and they can assist you with that. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I have a 41A5483-1B from 03/2004, is it possible to use a keyless entry pad for this model? I have a 41A5021-4M-315 from 06/2012 on the other door and would like to use 1 remote door opener for the both of them too. What are my options? by Rosalind V 1/20/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Use the remotes and keypads with "MAX" at the end of the part number. 877MAX . 893MAX , 890MAX. The keypad will work on both units and so will those remotes. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Can you give me a part number of the light bulb lens for this particular model? by Igor k 5/13/2014
STAFF ANSWER: If you have this exact model then you would need the Lens Cover 108D79. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: LIght bulbs are not working. They never worked. How can I trouble shoot them. Besides, replacing the light bulb? Thank you! by Deb C 3/13/2014
ANSWER: I have had that problem and I would just change the light bulb because some bulbs didn't connect right in the socket. by S R a
STAFF ANSWER: Replace the light bulb socket with part number 4a1344 and then replace the circuit board if that does not fix it. by Matthew O a
ANSWER: I had exactly the same issue. Eventually the door opener failed completely and I had to put in a new logic board. With the new board, the lights started working again! by T H a
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