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#17 LiftMaster 41A5483B Receiver logic board assembly for 2265

Liftmaster 41A5483B Receiver logic board assembly for 2265
Liftmaster 41A5483B Receiver logic board assembly for 2265
Liftmaster 41A5483B Receiver logic board assembly for 2265
Liftmaster 41A5483B Receiver logic board assembly for 2265
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Item# 41A5483B
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Liftmaster 41A5483B Receiver logic board assembly for 2265
Liftmaster 41A5483B Receiver logic board assembly for 2265
Product Description
If your programmed adjustments have become erratic or your keypad and remote have become unresponsive, you may need to replace your circuit board. As the brain of your garage door opener system, the circuit board must function properly to ensure a safely operating garage door system. Many times, a circuit board can become faulty due to power surges or lighting strikes. If your system began malfunctioning after a power outage, a faulty circuit board is most likely the culprit. Fortunately, North Shore Commercial Door carries an extensive selection of replacement circuit boards for every LiftMaster Chamberlain system and many Sears Craftsmen models.

If you believe you need a replacement LiftMaster 2265 logic board, parts number 41A5483B is the recommended circuit board. The replacement LiftMaster 41A5483B model is also compatible with Chamberlain 3265 chain drive 1/2HP models and can replace a number of similar circuit boards, including parts number:


To ensure your 41A5483B model is compatible with your system, please reference our Chamberlain LiftMaster Circuit Board Compatibility Chart.

Replacing your Chamberlain 3265 or LiftMaster 2265 logic board is an economical and simple fix. In most cases, professional assistance is not needed for installing, programming or adjusting your system. For information on how to safely install, program and adjust your garage door opener system, please reference the Product Manual. It is important to always test your safety reversal system whenever you replace your circuit board. To ensure your new circuit board provides long-lasting performance, we recommend using a 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector with your new board, as most faulty circuit boards are caused by power surges and lighting strikes.
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COMMENT: I needed a replacement control board for my garage door opener. The video was very helpful in helping me determine which board to purchase so I placed the order! by Douglas B 7/8/2017
COMMENT: My garage door stop working and had bought a remote last year but lost it and i need one by gilman c 7/6/2017
QUESTION: Tim Green: I keep having to reset my chamberlain 1/2 hp and sometimes it don't work at all. I disconnected the light /lock/hand switch and touch the wires together and it does the same , normally it's when the weather change from wet to cold or hot on nice days it will work about ten good times? by Tim G 5/3/2015
ANSWER: Change it out a month ago, fix the problem , they parts person didn't tell me the light didn't come with the one I ordered, it had the place for the bulb, but was not wired. and the cover was not the same so I had to change the cover with my old one... by Tim G a
ANSWER: Logic board. by Roy D a
ANSWER: I would bet your problem is with the circuit board... had the same situation about a year ago and tried everything just as you have only to finally replace the borad which solved the problem. Some circuits on the board are sensitive to lightening and other electrical issues... Newer boards have increased protection from such influences. It is not a hard job and takes little time. The part from Northshore was an exact fit... That would be my direction..... by the way it as been abut a year since I replaced the circuit board and all still works fine... Ray g by Raffael G a
QUESTION: will you sell the power converter board separate. no receiver? by None N 1/21/2015
STAFF ANSWER: Sorry but this is only sold as an assembly. Thank you by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I installed a new logic board, when I touch the switch to raise the door and hold it down let up on it it reverse's the door automatically Can you tell me whats the problem? by None N 9/5/2014
STAFF ANSWER: It sounds like your safety eyes at the bottom of the garage door. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My question is will the liftmaster 41A5483B logic board fit/replace my Craftmans 41A5483-2B logic board and will the outside panel w/light socket fit my opener? by None N 8/1/2014
ANSWER: The logic board will work but the Liftmaster cover would not fit my Craftsman Opener. Had to remove the board and put in my original Craftsman cover. Mounting holes for the logic board were identical. by Paul G a
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