EMX Vehicle Loop Detector D-TEK

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Fast installation and ease of operation are two of the selling points that make the EMX Vehicle Loop detector D-TEK such an attractive option for a device that operates dependably with marginal loops. Maximum surge protection is provided on all of the detector's inputs and outputs. The EMX Vehicle Loop Detector D-TEK, which is available at North Shore Commercial Door, can work with small operator housings, and its metal housing provides RF blocking and is extremely durable. This product boasts an array of controls and features that support several different applications. Other features include:
  • Loop diagnostics
  • Loop isolation transformer
  • Loop conditioner
  • Aluminum RF shield housing
  • Loop frequency counter
  • 10 gold-plated sensitivity controls
  • 8 gold-plated function controls
  • 6 gold-plated controls for frequency, reset and frequency counter
  • 2 high-intensity LED indicators
  • 2 relays: pulse or presence