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LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A4252-6G Garage Door Opener Circuit Board (Non-Security+)

LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A4252-6G Garage Door Opener Circuit Board (Non-Security+)
LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A4252-6G Garage Door Opener Circuit Board (Non-Security+)
LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A4252-6G Garage Door Opener Circuit Board (Non-Security+)
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This item is discontinued.
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Sommer Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1042V001
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Product Description
The model 41A4252-6G circuit board is a replacement logic board that fits a variety of garage door openers from makers such as Sears Craftsman, LiftMaster and others. This circuit board is a direct replacement for the LiftMaster Chamberlain 41A4252-6G garage door opener circuit board (though it is incompatible with Security+ and non-code rolling systems), working with standard LiftMaster operators. It is also compatible with other brands and models of garage door openers as listed below.

This circuit board works with the following LiftMaster models:







This circuit board also fits the following models of Chamberlain garage door operators:



This circuit board is a direct replacement for the following logic board models:









This replacement circuit board is also compatible with non-Security+ systems from Craftsman, Master Mechanic, Sears, Tru-Value and Wayne Dalton.

We recommend using the LiftMaster 990LM Garage Door Opener Surge Protector when replacing safety sensors or circuit boards in garage door openers. The model 41A4252-6 circuit board and the surge protector can be purchased together from North Shore Commercial Door at our special combo price. For a complete list of LiftMaster circuit boards, see our Chamberlain LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Circuit Board Compatibility Chart.

North Shore Commercial Door is your source for garage door openers, systems and parts for your home or business. We carry a variety of top brands and we’re a family-owned business that’s been around for more than 35 years, so we have an experienced team ready to help you answer your repair and maintenance questions.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: I put in my part number and this came up as the current version.<br />My part number was 41A4252-6D by Kevin S 3/12/2017
COMMENT: I went on line to a chat room and the gentleman helped me out and suggested that my circuit was probably the problem. I checked with my local Apple Dealer and the cost was a lot more in cost. So I came back to this website and placed my order. Saved $50.00<br />Thanks<br />George by George C 3/9/2017
QUESTION: I have a liftmaster 41A5021-D 03/98 which part number will replace? by None N 3/7/2016
STAFF ANSWER: 41A5021-I by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have a Liftmaster 41a4252-6a and sometimes it goes down half way or all the way then the door comes back up with the lights blinking. What might the problem be? by Doug M 3/2/2016
ANSWER: In my case, the owner's manual for the original door opener has a very good trouble-shooting section that will probably address the problem you cite. I do not have the manual with me -- you may be able to find the manual for your device on line. Also, the company has an unbelievably helpful customer service phone department. Try lubricating everything that looks likely, then try reducing the downward force and the downward travel length. But I strongly suggest trying the help line and the owner's manual for your machine. by Mark R a
ANSWER: It sounds like the circuit board. I've had similar problems in the past. I've rebuilt several entire units. It could also be the safety door sensors. Sorry I couldn't help more. by Robert B a
ANSWER: I believe this happens when the safety mechanism is triggered, especially if the lights are blinking. From my experience it can be triggered by some obstruction in the path of the garage door so the door reverses to be safe. It could also be that there's some resistance to the garage door or the safety trigger is too sensitive. You'll need to grease the tracks or adjust the sensitivity level of the opener. Lastly check your light beam sensor on the floor to make sure nothing is blocking them as the door is coming down. by Dave H a
ANSWER: This has happened to me if something like a leaf blows in and interrupts the sensor beam while the door is descending. If it goes down all the way, hitting the floor before coming back up, it may need an adjustment so that its travel isn't so long. by Mark B a
QUESTION: will this model number replace this one 41a4252-6a? the problem i have with mine is that the learn button wont blink to program any remote control. it worked before. now the learn button just stays on for 30 seconds then goes off. the wall controller still works. can you tell me if its the board/. thanks by Martin Z 10/12/2014
ANSWER: I really don't think it is the board. Check the battery contacts for the remote to insure good contact to the battery terminal. by Jeff S a
ANSWER: The 6G will replace the 6A. It just has some extra safety features. If you can't make your remotes activate the door, then something has gone in the board. by Bob R a
ANSWER: According to liftmaster if you have a 41a4252-6 series board now, the current replacement is 41a4252-6G. Bought a G version to replace my "C" version last April. Very quick change out 15-20 minutes by William M a
ANSWER: yes by brad b a
ANSWER: Martin, yes the 6G is the replacement. It's just the most current version. I have replaced my board on all 3 of my openers with this model. As to the learn button. The small round green LED light is not suppose to blink when you push the green square learn button. It just comes on for about 30-45 seconds. If you are replacing a remote make sure it is of the correct vintage to be compatible with this board. I think it's 1993 on older? Hope it helps. by Robert B a
ANSWER: Mr.Z I replaced the same board and it works just fine at this time. by Mike L a
QUESTION: I have a Chamberlain opener with circuuit board 41A4252-6A.from 6/94.What one would replace it? by Jay P 8/29/2014
STAFF ANSWER: This one by Matthew O a
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