Liftmaster Exter Pneu Treadle Kit MODEL 658206

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The LiftMaster Exterior Pneumatic Treadle Kit 658206 at North Shore Commercial Door starts at just $47.20. The kits are similar to the pneumatic edge kit (model 658202) and use the same air switch. However, the hose of the 658206 kit may be used outside in the sun without breaking down or failing. The kit includes 10 feet of signal hose, an outdoor air switch and a hose plug. When installed, the hose can signal to the LiftMaster operator to open only or safety only once it detects that a vehicle has passed over the treadle hose. The system is activated when the weight of a vehicle on the hose activates a pneumatic switch, sending a signal to the door to either open or switch to safety mode. A 2-wire connection to the operator is required, but no power is needed to function.

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  • Outdoor enclosure (NEMA 4/12)
  • Includes 10 feet of signal hose, outdoor air switch and hose plug