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Linear/MegaCode Remotes

MegaCode transmitters and receivers by Linear work with all of Linear's access control products and are particularly well suited to commercial and industrial applications. Under the MegaCode format, each transmitter is preprogrammed at the factory with one of more than one million codes and the system prevents unauthorized reprogramming of a transmitter. Choose from convenient keychain size transmitters or visor style transmitters with one, two, three or five channels. Wireless keypads also provide another entry option. Along with this selection of transmitters, North Shore Commercial Door carries a matching selection of Linear MegaCode receivers for operating gates or garage doors.

Whether you have to provide access for a few individuals or dozens, the MegaCode system provides the options and flexibilities you need for commercial and industrial installations. See more details under the individual product descriptions and call the experienced staff at North Shore Commercial Door if you have specific questions about which products best meet your needs.