NSCD 87668 Garage Door Bottom Seal 18' Kit

NSCD 87668 Garage Door Bottom Seal 18' Kit

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Item# A1700-V18-A
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NSCD 87668 Garage Door Bottom Seal 18' Kit
NSCD 87668 Garage Door Bottom Seal 18' Kit
Product Description
  • For use on up to an 18Ft door
  • The aluminum retainer track that holds the rubber seal is 1-5/8" wide

Your garage can be anything from a place to keep your car in pristine shape, to a storage area to a business area. When damage is done due to the elements or pests, it can reduce its value and functionality. At North Shore Commercial Door, we've been in business 35 years and understand the importance of maintaining a garage. With that in mind we offer NSCD 87668 Garage Door Bottom Seal 18-inch Kit. This can be used with any kind of garage door, but it is advised that you only purchase this seal if the bottom of the door is flat. This is because fasteners must be inserted through the bottom. This bottom seal is effective and useful because:

  • Kit includes 4 each Aluminum retainers and 1 continuous 18ft section of rubber.
  • It stays flexible down to minus-30 degrees.
  • It improves the energy efficiency of your garage, saving you money on heating costs.
  • It is easy to install.

When you order, you will receive the 18 foot by 3 inch garage door bottom T vinyl weather seal and four 4.5 foot pieces of aluminum bottom seal retainer track, as well as sheet metal screws for installation. North Shore Commercial Door cares about your garage and wants your return business. If you have any questions, contact our customer service team over the phone or online and we will help you. Order your NSCD 87668 Garage Door Bottom Seal 18 foot Kit today.

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COMMENT: couldn't find this item anywhere else. by Annette B 9/30/2017
COMMENT: It was the perfect solution for my door. Could not find original weatherstripping. Easy to install. by Filiberto R 9/24/2017
QUESTION: I need a 1 one and three eights retainer bottom garage door seal. LIKE <br />MD87668?? by Bill T 2/4/2016
ANSWER: I installed it on a older door that i could not get a replacement seal for. It was easy to install and sealed the door bottom well. by Darvie G a
ANSWER: Buy the one shown and install the track to your existing door. It works just fine. When you install the rubber seal make sure the door is open all the way in up position turn off power and have someone help you thread it into the track. Use a little liquid soap and it will go easy. Good luck. by Anthony B a
ANSWER: Bill, I installed this over a year ago. It is 1-3/8" but you must use the channel retainer that matches the seal .. I bought the seal and the channel retainer as a package. It went on an older door but went one rather well . Also worked great for the cost. Other locals wanted to sell for twice the price. by Charles S a
QUESTION: How does the track ship? by R.C. B 1/23/2016
STAFF ANSWER: in 4'6'' pieces by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Does the rubber remain flexible in cold weather? by None N 11/17/2015
ANSWER: I never got that far ? The track did not fit ! Would not recommend this ! by Dave H a
ANSWER: Yes. Our Minnesota weather is quite cold. I installed this on a 12 foot commercial door in the shop and it is just fine. by Anthony B a
ANSWER: Yes it does. by Normand F a
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it does. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: How wide is the rubber seal that comes with this kit? by None N 9/23/2015
ANSWER: once the seal is in the retainer it is 1 3/4" wide screwing the new retainer on was a job as my old retainer could not be removed overall it is a good product and has worked well. Good Luck by Charles S a
ANSWER: The Rubber Seal is approximately 3 inches wide in the open position. It folds into the track which is approximately 1 and 5/8 inches center to center. I installed it on a 12 foot commercial door in my shop. Hope this helps. by Anthony B a
STAFF ANSWER: 1-5/8" wide by Matthew O a
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