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Wayne Dalton Foamcore Bottom Seal Replacement Kit

$34.96 - $68.23
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North Shore Commercial Door has received several requests for a bottom seal kit that will work for a 3/4"" thick door. Most of the customers requesting this have a Wayne Dalton Foamcore door or an Overhead Door series 297. As always we try to meet and exceed our customers expectations. As a result we are proud to offer this exclusive product on our website. This product can be used for thicker doors as well. The Universal Bottom Weather Seal Kit for 1" Thick Door comes in two configurations. One is a 9' Kit that will work on a door up to 9' wide. The other is an 18' kit that will work with doors up to 18' wide. As with all of our kits the seal and retainer can easily but cut to fit your doors width.

9' Kit includes:

18' Kit includes:
  • 18 Feet of V1000-GR-W Vinyl Seal
  • 4x A1015-01-W Retainers cut to 4 foot 6 inch lengths
  • 20x 10020-00-H-EA self tapping screws
  • At North Shore Commercial Door have been in business for more than 35 years and know the importance of keeping a garage door in great shape. Get your Universal Bottom Weather Seal Kit for 1" Thick Door today. A1015-09-A = 9ft Kit A1015-18-A = 18ft Kit