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NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal 9 Foot Door Kit

NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal 9 Foot Door Kit
NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal 9 Foot Door Kit
NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal 9 Foot Door Kit
NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal 9 Foot Door Kit
NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal 9 Foot Door Kit
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Item# A1700-V9-A
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NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal 9 Foot Door Kit
NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal 9 Foot Door Kit
Product Description

If you have a garage and need a nine-foot garage door bottom seal, North Shore Commercial Door has exactly what you're looking for. With the NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal, keep the elements, troublesome seepage, pests and leaves at bay. This seal is specifically designed for garages with a flat bottom surface, most likely wood, due to the fasteners being installed through the bottom of the door. Included in the kit are two (2) pieces of 4.5-foot aluminum bottom seal retainer (totaling 9 feet), sheet metal screws for installation, and one (1) nine foot by three inch T vinyl weather seal.

  • The aluminum alloy retainer track is 1-5/8" wide
  • The Vinyl Seal measures 3 inches wide when flat
The benefits of the NSCD 87643 Garage Door Bottom Seal include:

  • Easy installation.
  • Maintaining temperature inside the garage to control heating costs.
  • Protection against the elements.
  • Keeping out water, leaves and pests.
  • Flexible vinyl seal.
Don't let another day go by without making the necessary improvements to your garage. Waiting now can cost you more money in damage later. With the ease of installation and the 35 years of experience North Shore Commercial Doors has in serving our customers, you can't go wrong. Get your new garage door bottom seal today.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: I have a wood garage door, and the bottom seal was worn out, and I wanted a product that I could attach easily with a good seal. by Paula M 8/30/2017
COMMENT: have older garage door with bottom weather seal that never seems to work properly and find this style is much more conforming to garage floor. by Jonathan B 8/25/2017
QUESTION: How deep is the rubber from the aluminum base? by John S 7/6/2016
ANSWER: The picture you see is what it looks like at initial installation.<br />Once you close the door the rubber flattens and stays flat as you would expect.<br />A few mils thick. by John M a
REPLY: Would you say that the rubber extends from the metal base more than a 1/2"? by John S r
ANSWER: Can't answer that now. We had the door replaced and it came with a new bottom. by David E a
REPLY: Hi David,<br />What I'm wondering about is in inches how much rubber extends from the metal casing. I'm planning to use this on a crawl space door not a garage and curious if it's going to work for me. Thanks by John S r
ANSWER: As I recall as I installed this on someone's garage door over 1 year ago, the rubber gasket was approximately 1-to-1-1/4 inches below the aluminum channel at maximum and compresses down to a minimum of 1/4-to-5/16 inches below the aluminum channels. I have sometimes placed pipe insulation inside the hollow rubber void area in areas where the garage slab has heaved or settled slightly in order to "tighten" the seal between the bottom of the door and the slab.or placed tapered shims between the door base and the top of the aluminum channel to deal with larger gaps. by David P a
QUESTION: will this work on a 2 inch thick door? by None N 2/27/2016
ANSWER: I can only say , our door is 1 1/2 inch thick and it fits fine. I would guess it would fit on a 2 inch thick door. by David E a
ANSWER: I believe it will. by James K a
ANSWER: It's been some time since I installed mine but I'm reasonably sure it will work by tom e a
QUESTION: I have uneven garage doors, ranging from 1/2 to 4 inches. Can this product help to keep water out? by John L 1/13/2016
STAFF ANSWER: 4 inches is quite a drop you might need the 6 inch seal and even then may not work for that gap by Taylor M a
QUESTION: ..Do these weather strip go flat when they reach the floor also does the metal strips screw into the bottom of the door? by None N 12/7/2015
ANSWER: The metal came as two strips. They do attach to he door bottom by screws. The rubber flattens out to make a seal with the floor when the door is closed. by David E a
ANSWER: Yes and Yes. The weather stripping goes flat and stays flat once the door is closed. Open the door and the weather stripping stays molded to the bottom just as you expect.<br />The screws are sheet metal screws and zip into the bottom of the door. Very easy installation. by John M a
ANSWER: The strip will compress and yes the track mounts with self tapping screws provided in package to bottom of the door by Joseph N a
ANSWER: The rounded weatherstrip goes flat when the door reaches the floor and also the metal strip screw into the bottom of the door. Work very well by albert M a
ANSWER: If the garage floor is even than it flattens evenly, otherwise it may be flatter in one area than another.<br />I drilled holes through the metal and yes, the screws screw into the bottom of the door, then you slide the rubber through the tracks. by Ilona T a
ANSWER: they will if the door is set to go down far enough. by tom e a
ANSWER: The metal screws to the bottom of the garage door. The weather strip does not go flat. It gives a little but does not flatten out. by Norm M a
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