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Omron E3K with 10k Resistor Reflective Photobeam Sensor

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North Shore Commercial Door is proud to have the new Omron E3K-R10K4-NR in stock and ready to ship. Omron is a manufacturer that believes in high quality products, and so are we! This new sensor is up to code and passed rigorous testing (including water exposure, impact, and UV Light) to achieve a UL325 Compliant rating. This updated model boasts a sensing distance of 32.8 feet, which bumps up to 40 feet when paired with a three inch reflector. Wiring has never been easier now that the outputs are now in the plug-in style. the E3K-R10K4 uses a universal supply voltage and can utilize 24-240 VAC or VDC. This Retro-Reflective Sensor is capable of working in environments that range from -13ºF to 141ºF, making this product perfect for almost any application! Product Highlights:
• Heavy-Duty DPDT relay Rated 10 A at 240VAC
• Long Sensing Distance: Retro – 10 Meters or 32.8 Feet, With Reflector: 40 Feet
• Easy to wire Terminals
• Plug-in replaceable outputs
• Universal supply voltage: 24-240VAC, 24-240VDC
• UL325 Approved.
• Rigorous testing including UV Light, water exposure, impact tests, and ambient light tests.
• Dimensions: W: 3 1/2” X H: 7 5/16” X D: 2 1/2”
• Operating Temperatures of -13ºF to 131ºF