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Weather Seals Universal Kits

Weather Seals Universal Kits
Our discount-priced universal garage door bottom weather seal replacement kits from North Shore Commercial door are compatible with most garage door brands. We have garage door weather seal replacement kits that are made of flexible vinyl to conform to uneven floors. These kits include the vinyl weather seal, plastic bottom seal retainer and garage door bottom with easy-installation instructions. We have a bottom weather seal kit that is designed to work with 3/4-inch doors, making them a go-to choice for owners of Overhead Door and Wayne Dalton brand garage doors. Choose a 9-foot kit or 18-foot kit complete with mounting screws, seal and mill-finished aluminum retainers. The seal and retainer can be easily cut to fit your door's width.  A bottom seal kit that will work for a 3/4" thick door. Most of the customers requesting this have a Wayne. Shop our line of universal rodent-blocking weather seals designed to keep out mice, rats and other rodents. Our Ultra Rubber garage door bottom weather seal replacement kit can be used for all brands of garage doors.

Universal Garage Door Bottom Seals

Frequently Asked Questions

What are universal garage door seals?

Universal garage door seals from North Shore Commercial Door are designed and manufactured to fit to the bottom of any standard garage door. These include garage doors ranging in width from 9 ft. to 18 ft. across the bottom of the door.

Our universal garage door bottom weather stripping kit includes the garage door bottom weather seal and replacement garage door bottom retainer. Because even a standard garage doors can differ in the thickness of that door, we offer retainers that are 1 3/8-in. thick, 1 3/4-in. thick and 2-in. thick. Not every standard door will match that specification, which is why we make it easy to cut to size to fit your door. Use an ordinary handsaw to trim the retainer, and use household scissors to trim the garage door weather seal.

What are the different types of garage door bottom seals?

At North Shore Commercial Door, you can find P-bulb and T-style rubber bulb garage door bottom seals, which are especially popular among homeowners with uneven garage door floors. We sell brush seals, bead end weather seals for garage door bottoms, triangle-end bottom seals and threshold seals.

Storm Shield peal-and-stick garage door bottom threshold seals are weather seals that are affixed to the garage floor directly beneath your garage door. We also carry rodentBLOCK with Xcluder garage door bottom weather seals designed to keep rats, bugs and other pests out of your garage without having to resort to poisonous chemicals or dangerous traps.

When should I replace weather stripping?

Weather stripping wears out over time, which becomes evident from a cracked, broken, brittle or otherwise marred weather seal. If you don't replace it, you'll lose the money-saving benefits of keeping out cold and hot drafts. You'll lose protection of the contents of your garage against the elements, pests, water and other contaminants.

When you examine your weather stripping, and you see light come through any cracks or feel air coming through hairline cracks or breaks, it's time to replace your weather stripping. If your weather stripping is brittle or flaking, we recommend replacing it early before losing benefits of weather stripping.