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Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote Garagae Door Opener

Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote Garagae Door Opener
Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote Garagae Door Opener
Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote Garagae Door Opener
Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote Garagae Door Opener
Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote Garagae Door Opener
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Chamberlain Group also makes this remote under their Professional Line of LiftMaster products with a part number of 890MAX. The remote We will be shipping Looks identical it will just have the 890Max part number on the back.
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Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote Garagae Door Opener
Chamberlain 956EV Garage Keychain Remote Garagae Door Opener
Product Description
Don't waste time with confusing, hard-to-program remotes that might not be compatible with your garage door opener. Skip straight to the Chamberlain 956EV keychain remote garage door opener. This remarkably versatile keychain remote has been designed to work with all Chamberlain garage door openers with safety sensors that were manufactured between 1993 and today, so you don't have to worry about compatibility or complicated programming instructions. This remote comes with easy-to-follow directions to walk you through the entire process, which only takes a few minutes; you'll be opening and closing your garage door to your heart's content shortly after you complete the programming steps.

This Chamberlain keychain remote features an LED notification light that signals activation and helps with programming. It even comes with a battery and a keychain, so it's ready to go right out of the box. The Chamberlain 956EV can save you time and frustration because it's easy to bring along wherever you go and no matter what car you drive; no more worrying about transferring your clip-on remote garage door opener from car to car when you're on the go. This versatile remote is small and easy to carry, making it one of the most convenient models on the market.

The Chamberlain 956EV keychain remote for garage doors works with each garage door opener manufactured by the company since 1993, so even if your model has not been replaced for more than two decades, you can use it. The 965EV also features:
  • A powerful signal that reaches from greater distances than typical openers
  • Easy push-button programming
  • An LED notification light to let you know that it has been activated and helps with programming
  • An included battery and keychain
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: I just installed 3 new Chamberlain WE832KEV door openers and I had such a good experience with North Shore Commercial Door .com last year that I purchased from them again. by Peter P 7/28/2017
COMMENT: Have 3 already and they work great! No complaints by Howard J 4/19/2017
QUESTION: Is Chamberlain or Liftmaster ? Pictures shown two different brand .... Which one will I get ? by YEEYUNG V 7/22/2016
ANSWER: I used it for both. I had a Liftmaster that I finally ended up replacing with a Chamberlain. I think this garage door opener works with both if they have the rolling code configuration or learn button. It will not work with the older style garage door opener that uses set codes like the old Genies. What's really great about this opener is that it a lot smaller than a regular opener, but works just as well. by Neal D a
ANSWER: Chamberlain and Liftmaster are just different names on the same basic product. They also make Sears branded openers. This remote should work with any Liftmaster as long as the Security method is the same. i.e. 'Learn' mode definition should be the same. by Joe V a
ANSWER: I ordered the keychain garage door opener for my daughter because she parks her car in the driveway and the convenience of having the opener on her key ring and not having to worry about an opener in her car outside has worked fantastic. She received a Chamberlin opener. I liked hers so much that I bought one for myself, and received a Liftmaster remote. Both openers are identical with the only difference is the name.Both remotes are manufactured by the same parent company so there is really no difference. We have been very pleased with the remote openers. by ronald t a
ANSWER: Liftmaster by Harry W a
ANSWER: The remote I got is labeled LiftMaster, but it works with my Chamberlain garage door openers. by Diane P a
ANSWER: Hi! Mine is the 890MAX mini remote and it has LiftMaster on the little box and on the remote itself.<br />The one you're looking at, the 956EV is a different model number. Main thing is to make sure it works with your model of door opener. The "Learning Light" color tells you which remotes work with which color. by Sherry R a
QUESTION: instruction manual for 956EV? by O.B. R 7/11/2016
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have a Marantec garage door opener purchased 1n 1999. Will any of the Chamberlain remotes work? by Tom R 5/12/2016
STAFF ANSWER: No it will not you will need a marantec remote. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: where is the learn button ? by None N 1/4/2016
STAFF ANSWER: learn button is on the unit that hangs in your garage. by Taylor M a
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